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How did you rate the 2019 Japanese Grand Prix out of Ten?

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Race Winner
I think 6
Despite the fact that there were enough overtaking
there was a feeling that the whole outcome of the race
was determined on the first lap.


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Bits and bobs kept me interested as the race developed but the Hamilton versus Seb battle fell away to nothing.

Just above ok


Race Winner
I gave it an 8 as I quite enjoyed it to be honest. Then again I had Rolos whilst I was watching it and that helps anything.


Podium Finisher
Errr, I might not have saved it, I might have eaten myself :embarrassed::whistle: In my defense it was only a smallish packet. :snigger:
They're all "smallish" now due to shrinkflation!

To be fair, I'm impressed that you kept to just one packet!


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Max getting shunted out of the race spoiled it for me - plus only a couple of hours kip between quali and race didn’t help! 5


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I fell asleep with 10 laps to go. Not sure what I hoped for or expected but it was really all over by the first corner so just 5.


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3: It was kind of a sad race. After the 2nd corner of the first lap, it appeared to be one of those developing strategic races....except Mercedes made sure by their "strategy" that there were no conflicts. End result, most of the people tooled around in position while a few drivers moved up the order through pit strategy (Ricciardo) or superior cars (Albon, Leclerc). Nothing to write home about.
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