Poll 2012 Chinese Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2012 Chinese Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

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Ha ha ha! To be fair there were a lot of very good drives today. Considering his qualifying, young Vettel did well to get up to 6th, and Senna/Maldonado had a very creditable weekend. I think maybe Nico shades it though!
I am going to vote for Nico, however it would be nice to think I am picking the best option out of several candidates

I don't know if the first Nico did better than the second Nico



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Have to have two options in a Poll so you can vote for whichever Nico you prefer.


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There's only two Nico Rosbergs, two Nico Rosbergs.................

Anyway LOL It's pretty obvious that it's the simplest DOTW I've ever voted on, about time he won a race!
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