2011 Malaysian Grand Prix - Prix Citron et Orange


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Rather than the champagne moment or the rotten fish award I thought I'd combine the two into one and use a system F1 journalist pioneered in end of season awards to the teams and drivers.

It's very simple, you have a sour lemon or a sweet orange which you can award to whom ever you like from the Malaysian Grand Prix - TV presenters, race officials, teams, drivers, the crowd, in fact anyone at all.

So who deserves what? No poll but you can use the "Like" facility to show your support for another threadsters opinion.
Ferrari & Alonso for running to the stewards after the race to get Hamilton penalised.

McLaren & Hamilton for not running to the stewards after the race to get Vettel penalised.
L'orange douce goes to Kamui Kobayashi for his usual entertainment.

Le citron aigre goes to @InsideFerrari, who's breathtaking arrogance in that tweet deserves a penalty much more than running into the back of the rival and then squealing to the stewards like a little girl.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Team Lotus finishing close to the midfield, Heidfeld's rehabilitation, The Group Lotus Renault start.
DISHONOURABLE MENTIONS: Lewis Hamilton's 3rd and 4th stints, Alonso running into the back of a rival and squealing to the stewards like a little girl, Petrov the Aviator, the stewards for causing a pointless debate and losing both me and CTA points on zdkf1, 606 WUMs for being 606 WUMs and Williams' entire weekend.
Ferrari get a rotten fish from me for unsportsmanship behaviour. A glass of champagne goes to Kobyashi for constant overtaking throughout the race despite being on a two stopper
I dislike oranges intently, but do like a bit of lemon.

Bearing this in mind, I wish to squeeze my orange all over Alonso for squealing like a little girl to the stewies, and let Kobayashi nibble on my lemon for his lovely overtaking action all through the day.
Autosport get my Post Race Citron Award

In their Complete 2011 Malaysian GP Review they report that Jenson was the first to change to the Prime tyre and that Lewis didn't use the prime until his third stop.

Autosport said:
To Hamilton's disappointment, he was the first to make that final pit visit, switching to hards on lap 37. This would be a triple blow: the stop was a slow one thanks to an awkward wheel, he couldn't get any pace out of the new tyres, and he knew he'd be very hard-pressed to make them last the remaining 19 laps.
Button was more relaxed - he had gone to hards a stint earlier than everyone else and found his McLaren came alive on them. He comfortably cleared Hamilton at the final stops and started creeping up on Vettel, leaving his team-mate to soon come under pressure from the out-of-sequence Webber and Alonso.

Pit stop summary – 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

Vettel: S S (13) S (25) H (41) 3
Button: S S (13) S (23) H (38) 3
Heidfeld: S S (13) S (26) H (39) 3
Webber: S S (10) S (22) H (32) H (43) 4
Massa: S S (13) S (27) H (38) 3
Alonso: S S (14) S (26) H (41) H (46) 4
Hamilton: S S (12) H (24) H (37) H (52) 4
Kobayashi: S S (17) H (36) 2
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