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2011 Japanese Grand Prix out of 10

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Not my cup of cake
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So what did you think of today's race? McLaren's No1 takes a dry victory (sorry, couldn't resist), Vettel takes a 2nd Championship, a bit of crash, bang, wallop, some squeezing, the inevitable safety car (was this was because the marshal at the chicane was too fat to get out and back quickly enough?), Rosberg driving through the field to take some points, 4 different leaders (unless I didn't count properly - did Alonso lead at any time?).

Time to give your points out of 10.
4 different leaders (unless I didn't count properly - did Alonso lead at any time?).

Alonso led two laps in between the pitstops, yes, so 5 leaders in total.

I've voted 8/10, not sure how much more you could want from a dry Japanese GP really, my only complaint I suppose is that there was so much action it was rather difficult to follow! The SC period, though a bit unnecessary, provided welcome relief!
I'd go for a 6, but the fact my favourite team won the race bumped it up to a 7. Shallow I know.
The closeness made it potentially an interesting race, but it failed to deliver somehow.
Was good not the classic we was hoping for. But an 8 outta ten is what i've voted for. Button's agressive drive to win, Alonso nearly in with a shout of the win at the end, plus a good drive from the ill Sergio Perez was good.
I think that we have to compare it to the previous race and the Japanese GP from last year. Was it better than the last race? Yes. Was it better than the 2010 Japanese Grand Prix? Yes. I gave the last race a seven, and this race was a fantastic race, so I gave it a 9.
We have been spolied this year, maybe it was that. Maybe it was the TV coverage missing the best bits, maybe it was the early morning start, maybe it was my 4 year old son asking me every minute or so who was in first, second, third... twenty-third, twenty-fourth...who's first again? I can't wait until he can read the names for himself :)

I gave it a 6. Maybe it was the fact that most position changes were due to pit stops and not on the track?
An 8 ... just, because it had some amusing bits but the Stewards let the guys just get on with it. Big fat zero for the Boob Forum. Can't recall them dealing with many fan tweets, emails or SMS's (if any) and the coverage of whatever celebrations were going on was shambolic to say the least.
So what did you think of today's race? McLaren's No1 takes a dry victory (sorry, couldn't resist)

Ironically you're right, I'd say that Jenson is number 1 there now, unless Lewis does some serious winning till the end of the season. I honestly think Jenson has the upper hand, and more importantly, he's got the team possibly even more behind him than they are with Lewis. Impressive to be honest
An 8... just.
It seemed to have just about the right balance of tactical and direct driver racing. All but one car finished and all of them remained close to the end. I could be wrong but I also felt that some of the atmosphere of the GP was transferred through the telly; I felt more involved.
A good test for me is if my 6 y/o daughter maintains an interest through the whole race... she managed about 80% and was the first in our family to spot MSC leading the race.
A 7 I think. Good race overall, and wonderful to see the RB not quite so dominant for once. However, as I mentioned here, I felt slightly cheated by the number of interestingly-shaping-up battles that were averted by the defending driver diving off into the pits. I know it makes sense from the driver's perspective, but it does dull the entertainment a bit...
It was reminscent of Monaco, the top 3 that is, got quite intersting near the end. The safety car is what was needed to spice it up, it was much better than last year's although that's like comparing a Valencia race to Spa really.

I would give it a 7.5
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