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Just done my Fantasy Football team on the Official Premier League site, and thought there might be some on here who would like to have a private head-to-head tussle.
Web site is ... all free to enter

You have to register, and pick 15 players, spend £100m, etc, etc, all the usual stuff.....
..... pick a team name, be good to keep part of your CTA name in the team name so we know who's who :)

There's automatic entry into the overall leagues, but I've set up one called 'CTA Footie League'.....
..... thought long and hard about that LOL
It will accept max 20 players, to play against each other throughout the season.

From the home page (after completing registration)
> Leagues > Join a League > Private League ..... and enter code
Code to join is: 92825-33073
Just 10 days to go, so plenty of time to decide about your final squad for this game....

..... but you can register early and 'tinker' as much as you like 'til the first kick-off deadline.

Needless to say, if there isn't a decent number the private league will be dumped :(
After the press-ganging email that was sent round I have joined the CTA boys in the fantasy league.

Unfortunately my knowledge of the Premier league is minimal at best so I went with what I know!

"We Were Leeds" will be showing what the mighty Leeds could have done if we hadn't have imploded financially...

Eagle eyed players will have noticed a few non-ex-Leeds players in my team, this is because there are not many of them left in the Premier League so I used my vast sum of money left over to get the most expensive players I could!
Since there are two types of league, can everyone join the "Classic" Scoring League set up by yours truly with this code:

Jeez I never seem to do that well with these things. Typicaly I end up with Mid table medicority.


think i need to work on a chant for that one.
Gervinho was my captain.
Sent off for nothing!

Yeah apart from slapping Barton round the head......Although there is a large part of me that wishes he went for a right hook instead.

Well im screwed from the start. QPR keeper in goal, two players only starting from the bench. (please tell me that McLeash isn't planning heskey ahead of alrighton on the left or he has sunk two midlands clubs to the Championship).

Hopefully my jewels in the team pull things back a bit today
Yeah apart from slapping Barton round the head......Although there is a large part of me that wishes he went for a right hook instead.

There is no-one in that situation, particularly with him around, who wouldn't have attempted to defend himself to avoid looking somewhat like this:

In the CTA league, MCLS leads after week 1, one point ahead of cider_and_toast with Jos the Boss 5 points further behind
It's all going to fall down for me for a while because I'm away with work for at least 8 weeks and I won't have regular access to anything other than a works computer which means I can't run the Fantasy site. I guess they site requires Java enabled and our work computers won't allow that. I'm not the only one here who has a team in the league and so there are a few gutted people at the moment.

I'm in for both of them :)

I had a poor start though. Can't believe I forgot Sorensen doesn't get his game for Stoke any more :givemestrength:
I think I win with the poor start!

3 Players injured and another one doubtful. And not a single one of them is Woodgate!

I can't see the position but I have a feeling I'm last!
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