2010 Race of the Year

Race of the Year

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Race Winner
Unlike many a season before it, this year's championship contains lots of contenders for Race of the Year.

Each race had its own characteristics and different type of drama - whether it was Canada's mayhem (I enjoyed that one so much that I watched it again!) or Red Bull and Mclaren teammates going toe to toe with each other at Istanbul (with more serious consequences for the former).

I'll include races such as Bahrain (zzzzz) just in case someone wants to vote for it! It would be nice to see what and why you voted for a particular race.
I could not recall anything else than Korea, which was highly amusing. I think there were even better races, but as a newcomer I think vote for Korea is not wasted.
Canada! By a million miles the best race of a great season!

A race with a genuine challenge for the win, 65 overtakes, a non-obvious tyre strategy and no need for Safety Car or rain to make it interesting.

Bob on! Vive Montreal!
I'll give Canada the nod as well. Epic quali session with Lewis trying to push the McLaren home. Least predictable Grand Prix by far. Tons of action with a damn fine result. And it was in my Time Zone!
Hmm, I'm going to need to review all of the races before I can place my vote.

Luckily I have all of them, including the qualifying sessions, on my Sky box :D
Canada for me. Exaggerated tyre degradation creating different strategies and fluctuations in performance. A simple circuit with long straights ending in slow corners that allow more than one line.

Everything F1 needs for overtaking, and everything the rulemakers seem to wish to avoid...
I went for Canada as well for the reasons above but also for Schumi having possibly the worst race of his career!

Strong arguments for others but Montreal had everything you could want from a Grand Prix (could 2010 Canada be up there with the very best races ever?)
I missed a great chunk of Canada because a couple came knocking at the door, wanting to buy our house! It was a cracking race up to that point, though.

I plumped for China in the end - a topsy-turvy race with stacks of drama, loads of overtaking (both on the track and in the pitlane) and an English one-two. Amazing also to think that Button and Rosberg were at the top of the championship standings after four races, and that, of the first four races, three had been one-twos for three different teams.
Austrailla for me. It was one hell of a race especially after Bahrain, and everyone accusing the rules of stagnating f1 and making more boring.

As an old muddly taker would say, It was a barnstormer of a race. :popcorn:
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