1979 Formula One Highlights


I just got some great footage from 1979, and I have to share some of it with you guys.

Here's a classic James Hunt interview after his retirement from Long Beach 79.

This is Jean-Pierre Jarier overtaking the future World Champion Jody Scheckter for P3 and then Patrick Depailler for P2 at Long Beach.

This is a short (and rare) clip from the 1979 Dino Ferrari Grand Prix at Imola. Niki Lauda won this non-championship event and then retired from racing at Canada. (The first time)

Here is the conclusion of the Jones - Villeneuve battle at Canada 79. Interesting how James puts the onus on the driver being overtaken not to cause a collision.

Hunt's interview with Murray after calling it a career. You have to watch this video just to see the shirt that Walker is wearing!

Stay tuned guys, I'm sure there will be more coming!
Quite an interesting race here. This is the BBC's highlight package for Watkins Glen 79. Alan Jones had won 4 of 5 races, and somewhat strangely, due to the scoring system at the time he could not have improved his WDC total even if he had won the GP.

Sure, why not?

Here are two awesome overtakes by the Ferrari drivers at Zandvoort 79

Villeneuve on Lauda at Monaco 79

Pironi gets a bit overambitious at Monaco

And you just can't see this battle too many times, it is of course Villeneuve-Arnoux at Dijon

What can you say about Villeneuve-Arnoux at Dijon that hasn't already been said?

The video speaks for itself. I'm finding it hard to hold back a tear in my eyes as I think about Gilles.
It's amazing how much footage there is of Villeneuve in 1979. The directors knew that if they focused on him long enough they would see something; good, bad, or incredible.
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