Grand Prix 2017 Chinese Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Grand Prix Discussions' started by Greenlantern101, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. olegg

    olegg Race Winner

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  3. olegg

    olegg Race Winner

    Ideal Lap (sum best sectors) in the Qual:
    Qual – No – Driver – Qual Result – Ideal Lap – Flaw
    1 - 44 - L.HAMILTON - 01:31,678 - 01:31,678 - 00,000
    2 - 5 - S.VETTEL - 01:31,864 - 01:31,809 - 00,055
    3 - 77 - V.BOTTAS - 01:31,865 - 01:31,865 - 00,000
    4 - 7 - K.RAIKKONEN - 01:32,140 - 01:32,012 - 00,128
    5 - 3 - D.RICCIARDO - 01:33,033 - 01:32,911 - 00,122
    6 - 19 - F.MASSA - 01:33,507 - 01:33,499 - 00,008
    7 - 27 - N.HULKENBERG - 01:33,580 - 01:33,524 - 00,056
    9 - 26 - D.KVYAT - 01:33,719 - 01:33,553 - 00,166
    8 - 11 - S.PEREZ - 01:33,706 - 01:33,705 - 00,001
    10 - 18 - L.STROLL - 01:34,220 - 01:33,930 - 00,290
  4. FB

    FB Not my cup of cake Valued Member

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    Red Bull said they had bad handling problems, let's see how they get on at the coming races.
  5. olegg

    olegg Race Winner

    Difference of lap time between Vettel and Bottas:
    1/1000th of a second = 5.9 centimeters
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  6. racecub

    racecub Champion Elect

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    Yeah crazy gap!
  7. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

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    How about the Ferrari now was potentially based on the ideals of James Allison before he was sacked and now he is at Mercedes.

    When Adrian went from Williams to Mclaren in 1997. The Williams was clearly the fastest car but the gap disappeared from 2 seconds to basically nothing by the end of the season. Whereas the Mclaren under Newey who started late due to being forced on garden leave and therefore could not make an impact on 1997 Mclaren's design. It took until about mid season when Mclaren were probably the quickest car on the grid under Newey

    So I think Ferrari have to make the most of what they have now until Allison fully unlocks the potential of the Mercedes which could become unbeatable by then
  8. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

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    An interesting name on the top 10 ... Dani Kyvat who out qualified the highly rated Sainz again. It looks Dani has found pace of Carlos because the gap was constantly last year 0.3 to 0.5 seconds and now its dead level or slightly quicker

    I think this should be watched closely especially as Sainz is probably the most coveted driver available aside from Alonso who has not got a contract tying him down
  9. olegg

    olegg Race Winner

    On the pre-season tests Sainz was constantly faster.
    And I doubted that Daniil will find his pace.
    I hope that today result isn't only technical problem on the Sainz car
  10. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

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    olegg Dani is closer to Carlos than he was last year so part of that must be his head is in the right place

    Everyone was marvelling at Alonso finishing 13th when the expectancy was that he would be near the back but that was more down to the other guys not having to abort their laps at the end of q1

    But there is rain tomorrow so could be a lottery
  11. Bill Boddy

    Bill Boddy Professional layabout Premium Contributor

    Alonso was in 10th at the end of P1, there were not enough drivers slowed by the accident to push him out of Q2.
  12. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    Strange to sum up qualifying now but with football national ant & dec ive been rather preoccupied

    Lewis Hamilton knew it was a pole lap soon he finished he pulled a great lap at right time. But amazing 3.4 mile circuit & vettel bottas separated by 0.001s. Looking to tomorrow hopefully we have no farce like brazil & Verstappen has a brazil squeal
  13. Bill Boddy

    Bill Boddy Professional layabout Premium Contributor

    How much was the bet for?
  14. Olivier

    Olivier Race Winner

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    Surely most improved award needs to go to Stroll who went from qualifying 19th in Australia to 10th in China. Well done lad
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  15. LifeW12

    LifeW12 Podium Finisher

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    no bet
  16. olegg

    olegg Race Winner

    11th HAT for HAM
    It's equal with Clark

    106th POD for HAM
    It's equal with Prost
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  17. Speshal

    Speshal World Champion Valued Member

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    I await to stand corrected but everything I can find says that Hamilton bagged a Grand Chelem today. Pole, fastest lap, every lap led, win?
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  18. olegg

    olegg Race Winner

    It is 3rd for him

    1 - CLARK Jim - 8
    2 - ASCARI Alberto - 5
    3 - SCHUMACHER Michael - 5
    4 - STEWART Jackie - 4
    5 - SENNA Ayrton - 4
    6 - MANSELL Nigel - 4
    7 - VETTEL Sebastian - 4
    8 - PIQUET Nelson - 3
    9 - HAMILTON Lewis - 3
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2017
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  19. steveg

    steveg Points Scorer

    Yet another interview by Verstappen. "I overtook nine cars"
    Yes Max we know. Bravo.
  20. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    I quite enjoyed that grand prix. Some good action, great start, some nice tactical battles, great moves brundle was spot on when he says yes their is 100 overtakes less than 2016 but we had alot more 'memorable' overtakes loved the vettel & max overtakes. Im Optimstic that Cars finally able to follow without engineers saying drop back. Vettel & ferrari was very unlucky today because his race was stuffed by accident by the unfortunate Giovinazzi shunt because i think couldve won because think Vettel post VSC 17.8s behind lewis & if Giovinazzi hadnt completed the collection smashing into outside wall as well as inside wall then i think vettel wouldve been 5sec ahead of lewis

    Lance Stroll made a better showing this time out, him & perez both at fault i feel, because when you go onboard with perez, stroll should looked in his mirrors & perez should be experienced enough not go 2 a breast into that corner espically in such tricky wet/dry conditions. Still believe that f1 needs a few changes reducing dirty air main one but we are on the right road with tyres that can follow but its long road
  21. Hamberg

    Hamberg FOTA VIP, I've got the avatar to prove it :) Contributor

    The most exciting thing for me so far is I think we'll see driver skill being a decider for both WDC and WCC.

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