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So after reading that Schumi is going to drive a lap around Nordschleife in a Merceded W02, I was wondering what would be a dream lap for you folks.

Assuming that in your entire life, you get a chance to drive one lap around any circuit (existing or old) in any car chassis (again, existing or old), what will your choice be?

Given my (relative) inexperience in watching F1 (having watched races only over the last 12-13 years), I would opt am for a lap around Spa (only for Eau Rouge) in a 2004 Ferrari (fastest chassis with the most grip in modern F1 - and the V10 sounds:cheer: ), but I am sure CTA will come up with some better and exciting answers .....
Silvertone, qualifying, 1985 in Keke Rosbergs Williams FW10B (pictured in my avatar). Woodcote chicane, without lifting....
Mt. Tremblant (aka St. Jovite) in the AAR Eagle (although I would probably have to strap blocks to my shoes to reach the pedals, as it was designed to fit the 6 foot+ Dan Gurney)
I would imagine Monaco would be a less than enjoyable drive, although I admit my expertise is limited. I'd bet Suzuka or Istanbul or Spa would give the better impression of F1.
If it was any track in the world then I would choose to drive a Lotus 49 ( 1967) around Leguna Seca, to see if it could handle the corkscrew.
I think a lap of Le Mans in a Porsche 917L (ex Siffert, of course) would be great. I can't imagine what it must feel like to hit 240 mph on a country road!
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