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Apart from the silly season, and the will they/won't they shenanigans at Renault, there is not much else going on so I thought you might all be interested to see how the youngsters are doing in the first day of testing at Jerez:

Unofficial Times
1 Rossi (BMW) 1:20.484 26 laps
2 Bianchi (Ferrari) 1:20.516 52
3 Hildebrand (Force India) 1:20.537 39 laps
4 Paffet (McLaren) 1:20.675 29 laps
5 Soucek (Williams) 1:20.737 33 laps
6 Ricciardo (Red Bull) 1:21.052 38 laps
7 Conway (Mercedes) 1:21.557 23 laps
8 Baguette (Renault) 1:22.051 43 laps
9 Hartley (Toro Rosso) 1:44.333 04 laps

All drivers can only have competed in 2 or fewer Grands Prix.

p.s. Rossi is Alexander Rossi, not Valentino (well, that's who I thought it might be)

Full story at Planet F1

Unofficial Times

1 G. Paffet (McLaren) 1:19.426 54 laps
2 D. Ricciardo (Red Bull) 1:19.534 83 laps
3 A. Soucek (Williams) 1:19.738 60 laps
4 M. Conway (Mercedes) 1:19.920 58 laps
5 A. Rossi (BMW) 1:20.227 60 laps
6 J. Bianchi (Ferrari) 1:20.247 62 laps
7 J. Hildebrand (Force India) 1:20.537 49 laps
8 B. Hartley (Toro Rosso) 1:21.325 45laps
9 P. di Resta (Force India) 1:21.387 18 laps
10 B. Baguette (Renault) 1:22.051 43 laps
11 M. Ericsson (BrawnGP) 1:22.817 16 laps

1. A. Soucek Williams________1:19.168 __87
2. P. di Resta Force India_____1:19.369 __46
3. G. Paffett McLaren_________1:19.426 __54
4. D. Ricciardo Red Bull Racing__1:19.534 __113
5. J. Bianchi Ferrari___________1:19.626 __91
6. M. Conway Brawn GP_______1:19.920 __58
7. A. Rossi BMW Sauber______1:20.227 __82
8. M. Ericsson Brawn GP_______1:20.333 __50
9. B. Baguette Renault_________1:20.511 __105
10.J. Hildebrand Force India_____1:20.537 __49
11.O. Turvey McLaren_________1:20.856 __27
12.B. Hartley Toro Rosso______1:21.325 __69
To try and put this in context (or not) Button's best time at Jerez back in March was 1:17:844.
Ok so the fastest time of the day is about 1.3 secs off the pace. Obviously we don't know anything about conditions or setups etc and you wouldn't want a driver that far off in a race but It seems good to me. Most of these guys will have never driven an F1 car before.

I wonder if they are using normal F1 Spec tyres or is that considered tyre testing? that may also be having an effect on times.
Day 2 10:26cet

1._E. Gutierrez__BMW Sauber__1:21.816___8
2._P. di Resta__Force India____1:22.038___14
3._H. Tung__Renault__________1:23.021___26
4._M. Conway__Brawn GP_____1:23.133___22
5._N. Hülkenberg__Williams____1:23.350___15
6._J. Bianchi__Ferrari_________1:24.126___16
7._M. Bortolotti__Toro Rosso___1:31.432___8
8._G. Paffett __McLaren_______1:38.356___6

1. D. Ricciardo___Red Bull Racing__1:19.485__12
2. G. Paffett_____McLaren________1:20.503__9
3. E. Gutierrez___BMW Sauber____1:21.816__8
4. P. di Resta____Force India______1:22.038__14
5. H. Tung________Renault________1:23.021__26
6. M. Conway______Brawn GP____1:23.133__22
7. N. Hülkenberg__Williams_______1:23.350__15
8. J. Bianchi_____Ferrari__________1:24.126__16
9. M. Bortolotti__Toro Rosso_______1:31.432__8
Am I just being cynical or is Williams decision to run Hulkenberg in these tests not really "in the spririt" of the rules given that he has a contract with the team for next season?
It isn't in the spirit of the rules, you're right. However since the rules were created by an octopus on acid, :givemestrength: I think Williams can be forgiven for exercising a bit of creative licence. :thumbsup:

1. D. Ricciardo___Red Bull Racing___1:19.243__30
2. G. Paffett_____McLaren_________1:19.535__26
3. P. di Resta____Force India______1:19.978__32
4. E. Gutierrez___BMW Sauber_____1:20.450__20
5. M. Bortolotti__Toro Rosso_______1:21.835__21
6. H. Tung________Renault________1:22.003__46
7. N. Hülkenberg__Williams________1:22.149__22
8. M. Conway______Brawn GP_____1:23.049__27
9. J. Bianchi_____Ferrari__________1:23.517__33

1. G. Paffett_____1:18.718__44
2. D. Ricciardo___1:19.243__45
3. P. di Resta____1:19.411__58
4. M. Conway____1:20.267__55
5. E. Gutierrez___1:20.450__38
6. H. Tung______1:21.492__67
7. M. Bortolotti__1:21.761__23
8. N. Hülkenberg__1:21.814__53
9. J. Bianchi_____1:23.340__63

1. G. Paffett__________1:18.718__55
2. D. Ricciardo________1:19.243__61
3. P. di Resta_________1:19.411__58
4. M. Conway_________1:20.222__83
5. E. Gutierrez________1:20.253__56
6. L. Di Grassi________1:21.076__16
7. H. Tung___________1:21.492__67
8. M. Bortolotti________1:21.761__32
9. N. Hülkenberg______1:21.814__63
10. J. Hildebrand______1:23.219__15
11. J. Bianchi_________1:23.340__63

The McLaren ended the season as one of the quickest cars, it still wasn't any good in high speed corners but in the slow stuff it was untouchable. I wonder if they are running with KERs?...
1. G. Paffett __McLaren_________1:18.718__72
2. D. Ricciardo __Red Bull Racing__1:19.243__73
3. N. Hülkenberg __Williams______1:19.318__73
4. P. di Resta __Force India______1:19.411__58
5. E. Gutierrez __BMW Sauber____1:20.190__67
6. M. Conway __Brawn GP________1:20.222__83
7. L. Di Grassi __Renault_________1:20.898__32
8. H. Tung __Renault____________1:21.492__67
9. M. Bortolotti __Toro Rosso______1:21.761__49
10. J. Hildebrand __Force India____1:21.891__25
11. M. Ericsson __Brawn GP_______1:22.404__7
12. J. Bianchi __Ferrari___________1:23.340__84

Looks like the Incredible Hulk has sorted himself out.


1. G. Paffett__McLaren____________1:18.718__80
2. N. Hülkenberg__Williams________1:19.184__94
3. D. Ricciardo__Red Bull Racing____1:19.243__93
4. P. di Resta__Force India________1:19.411__58
5. E. Gutierrez__BMW Sauber_______1:20.190__68
6. M. Conway__Brawn GP__________1:20.222__83
7. M. Ericsson__Brawn GP_________1:20.440__37
8. J. Hildebrand__Force India______1:20.517__50
9. J. Bianchi__Ferrari_____________1:20.585__113
10. L. Di Grassi__Renault_________1:20.898__55
11. H. Tung__Renault____________1:21.492__67
12. M. Bortolotti__Toro Rosso______1:21.761__69
Day 3

1. D. Ricciardo__Red Bull Racing__1:18.905___9
2. M. Conway__Brawn__________1:19.413___21
3. J. Hildebrand__Force India____1:19.873___16
4. N. Hülkenberg__Williams______1:20.247___15
5. L. Di Grassi__Renault_________1:20.687___16
6. M. Bortolotti__Toro Rosso_____1:23.307___16
7. M. Zipoli__Ferrari____________1:23.567___17


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1. D. Ricciardo (Red Bull) ____1:18.212__28
2. N. Hulkenberg (Williams) ___1:19.226__27
3. M. Conway (BrawnGP) _____1:19.413__40
4. O. Turvey (McLaren) _______1:19.600__22
5. JR Hildebrand (Force India) _1:19.873__26
6. L. Di Grassi (Renault) _____1:20.687__37
7. B. Baguette (BMW-Sauber) _1:21.096__09
8. M. Zipoli (Ferrari) _________1:21.725__40
9. M. Bortolotti (Toro Rosso) __1:23.271__29

There seems to be some speculation that it is just a temporary device for measuring the forces on the front wing, however I find that a bit strange. The cables seem a bit too bulky and rigid for measuring a device.


1. D. Ricciardo_______________1:17.418__31
2. N. Hülkenberg______________1:19.226__27
3. M. Conway________________1:19.413__40
4. O. Turvey_________________1:19.600__22
5. J. Hildebrand______________1:19.873__26
6. L. Di Grassi_______________1:20.687__37
7. B. Baguette_______________1:21.096__9
8. M. Zipoli__________________1:21.725__40
9. M. Bortolotti______________1:23.271__29

Daniel Ricciardo is on a roll! :D
I seem to recall there was a rather strange appendage hanging from under the nose of the Red Bull when it was launched last year which disappeared when the car appeared at the first race. I never found out what this was, I wonder sometimes if Adrian Newey add some things on just to wind up the other designers as they don't do anything...


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