Poll Would a forum for F1 personnel be useful?

Would a forum for F1 personnel be useful?

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    Votes: 23 85.2%
  • No

    Votes: 4 14.8%

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Currently we have forums for F1 teams and drivers, which allow for dedicated threads.

Would anyone find an additional forum for other F1 personnel of use, be they designers, team principals, engineers, etc.?
So somewhere where people like Adrian Newey, Jean Todt, Frank Williams, Bernie Ecclestone, Christian Horner, etc. could be discussed on dedicated threads?

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I'd say so. Sometimes threads get derailed by direct discussion regarding the character or individual involved in the topic - where the individual concerned might be better or more constructively discussed elsewhere in more depth, without it detracting from the subject of the thread in which it orginated. Did that make any sense!??
Would be good to be able to discuss anything F1 related without posts deleted because they are topical or a hot potato

Also would be good to have threads for specific characters like Whitmarsh and Mosely so that we could have the opportunity to discuss information in the public domain about them without feeling like dangerous subversives

Maybe it would be good to have a list of topics that shouldn't be discussed in the rules, or how much one can discuss certain characters, that would prevent discussions on notorious characters running and running like the Max Mosely affair when the Internet wanted to discuss this but sites deleted all posts after a while because although it was current and topical it upset a few people
Given that there are many many more personnel than teams and drivers, Would users be able to start a thread for a particular individual or would the forum be locked down like the teams and drivers forum?

Maybe a thread for suggesting which personnel you would like added would be a solution if the forum was to be locked.
This may be useful for the teams and driver forums as well which have many missing drivers and teams from yesteryear.
We could do it the same as the teams and drivers forums currently operate.

Anyone can start a new thread in the main F1 forum and then report it asking for it to be moved.

Or we could open it up for new threads but that may result in duplicate threads so potentially is more work for the moderators.
I'd love to have a thread about the guy who is responsible for the left rear tyre at McLaren pitstops:)
GermanF1 have you noticed though that whn other teams hav problems in the pits, it is normally the left rear this year? Not sure if it is my imagination but noticed it last weekend... (but this is off topic so I won't say anymore :p)
canis Yes I noticed it at least two or three times (wasn't it Maldonado in Barcelona at his last stop?). Anyway I was just kidding with my original comment, and yes I would like to have a forum on team personnel!!
There's a relatively small number of votes but so far it's over 80% in favour.

Unless that changes drastically I'll get something set up soon.
Great idea Brogan i'd very much like something like this to happen. It'd stop the drivers and teams threads going of topic and if you think the Mod's and yourself can cope with it, then go for it.
It looks like we will need to appoint a second moderator to cover the F1 section as this additional forum will be too much for one person to cover.

So as soon as we have that sorted I'll add the new forum.
Aren't the Team threads enough?

The only reason people really want to talk about personnel is to have a go at them.

But I seem to be in the minority here....
Well a team thread is fine for general stuff but when key people move from team to team it makes it difficult to them continue a discussion on them as any further discussion in the old team thread is no longer relevant.

The team threads also don't allow for discussion on people who have never been or are no longer connected with teams; Charlie Whiting for instance.
The only thing is, how much detail do you go into? Cus you can start with team principals, Race Engineers i.e Ross Brawn, Christian Horner, Rob Smedly, Rocky but you could end up with the paint guys...
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