Poll Will Sauber survive until the start of the 2016 season?

Will Sauber survive until the start of the 2016 season?

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Guttierrez never had a contract and did not pay Sauber any cash. Telmex insisted on a Mexican driver so Guttierrez was chosen. I don't see Telmex on the car anymore so I'm guessing he was shown the door when they parted ways.

Sutil must have brought something through his Capri-sun deal but I doubt it was as much as VDG. I think Sutil had lost his heart for F1 by the end of last year anyway. Remember he witnessed Bianchi's accident from about 200 yards away and was quite shuck up by the whole thing.


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Where the hell does Ericsson's money come from? Wherever it comes from I don't really see it prominently displayed on the car. No clue what they're getting out of it.


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Well Ericsson is Swedish, so I'd wager that the 'Oerlikon' on the side of the Sauber might have something to do with it. They're based in the next town West from where he was born.


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RasputinLives Whilst no one is accusing Sauber of skullduggery like one or few shady characters in F1 in the past. They should have realised the potential ramifications in sacking drivers who have legitimate contracts

The Ferrari engine costs in the region of $15 to $ 20m to lease so someone has to foot the bill. Previously Sauber have been fielding Ferrari academy and test drivers to help off set this and maintain good relations. Seeing the situation at Marussia where the outstanding payment for the engines will not be recovered. Would Ferrari still want to chance their arms with Sauber?


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Yes they have Marcellio this season but you imply that Sauber have a junior relationship with Ferrari and thus are supplied the engines. Its not the case.


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As long as Sauber vote the same way as their engine suppliers in FIA meetings, I expect they'll be fine.


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Sauber don't get a vote. It's only the big 5 plus the best of the rest which is currently Force India. The remaining teams get to stand outside and lick the windows.
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