Who will beat whom - Cars 26 & 27 (probably)

Who will finish higher in the WDC?

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We move on to BMW Sauber (I believe they have retained the BMW pre-fix) and what will probably be cars numbered 26 & 27 - Pedro "Remember me? No, thought not" de la Rosa vs Kamui "Super Rookie" Kobayashi.

If you can't make your mind up there's always the black labrador option.
Has to be Kobayashi. Seldom do you see (especially in this day and age) a driver make such an impact arriving so late into the season.

Is he really any good? I don't know. I think he will be a bit more conservative now that he is in F1 and "has" something to loose. On the other hand let's face it, he's got to be quicker than De La Rosa surely!!
Kobayashi :heart:

I'd love him to be the "real deal", and I think he might be, but I can see him being a bit of a loose cannon here and there.

Either way, I'll love him to bits and he's going to be good entertainment.

He's gotta be better than DLR, surely..
I'm going for Kamui, but still get that nagging feeling that he will have that early career season of the style of Raikonnen, Massa et al where "career" will be used in tandem with words like "backwards" to refer to the way he finishes several of the races.

But even if he crashes out of half the races you've still got to favour his odds against Pedro...
I don't think DLR will impress anyone with his pace. The same won't be true of his teammate, even if he has a few misadventures along the way.
I was tempted to go for Pedro in the vain hope he might beat Kobayashi and therefore improve my chances in the Teammate Challenge league but I can't 'cos he won't, so it's the Kobayashi Maru for me.
Krazy Kamui for me too, though not without a few madcap adventures along the way. I think Pedro will do ok, but won't be spectacular enough to get too many 'big points' hauls, whereas Koba might just get a podium or two amongst the DNF - Accidents
I'm going to go out on a limb here and vote for Pedro.

I believe this is an excellent opportunity for me to be different from the herd! Not that I don't want to appreciate Kamui's talent and recent performances, I just haven't formed an attachment just yet. The last Japanese driver I got attached to broke my heart... Takuma Sato was awesome in British F3, irresistible and charismatic... I swore an outh never to fall in love with a Jap again.
I'm sorry, I can see disappointment on the horizon and I'm not sure if there is no flash in the pan stuff going on here.

But I will have to go for Kobayashi, simply because I will kick myself if I don't!
Looking at Pedro's career, there's little inspiration to suggest that he'll be any good this time. Where as, Kobayashi's couple of races have at least generated excitement, if not enough info to suggest he's a world beater...

I'm gonna take a punt on Kobayashi. Some times the devil you know is worse than the devil you don't.
I know Sauber probably won't even score any points this season but I'm going to go with my heart and hope that Koba can get a few :)
Kamui for me too.

What little we saw of him last year was a breath of fresh air.
Granted he was a little rough around the edges but at least he was prepared to have a go and stick it to some of the seasoned racers in better machinery.
Gone against coventional wisdom here and i think Pedro will take it once he remembers how to race as well as being quick.
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