Poll Who is the best performing driver in the midfield?

Who is the best performing midfield driver?

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Johnny Carwash

World Champion
Think Adrian Sutil is the best of the midfield drivers for the fact that he has more points than his team mate, also the Renault drivers both each had 3rd place finishes in the first two races but haven't done much since then.


Champion Elect
Petrov still only has 2 more points than Heidfeld, and that's after doing 5 more races. I really think those opening races when Renault had the pace to challenge the podium have scewed these results a bit. Some might say Petrov due to his position in the standings but what about the likes of Sutil and Kobayashi who are less than 10 points behind.

I honestly wish I hadn't voted Di Resta now, while I think he is the most talented he's being outscored by Alguersuari in a Toro Rosso.

If I were to vote again, on the basis of who out of the midfield teams is outperforming their car the most the answer would be Alguersuari.
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