Poll Who is the best performing driver in the midfield?

Who is the best performing midfield driver?

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Saw an article like this somewhere, quite interesting can't really change much to it since it covers everything so...

Simple question, complicated answer.

Personally I can not make sense of it!

It's the closest part of the field... 0.4s can mean 10 positions difference in qualifying.

It's the least consistent part of the field... one week a driver can take a 17th place, the next week a 7th.

It's debatable as to whether Mercedes is in there, up to you, (more often than not they are in wheel-to-wheel combat with FIs or Renaults though...) but obviously FI, Sauber, Renault, Williams and STR are in this group.

Interestingly, aside from Rosberg and Schumacher (of course) if you include Mercedes, and Barrichello, the rest of the midfield consists of (relatively) "non-name" drivers. Folks whose names would draw a blank from the casual sports fan who watches a bit of F1 here and there. There are many rookies or 2nd season drivers indeed. Yet all the drivers in there have had excellent impressive results at some point of the season including the rookies. (well not compared to Mercedes' expectations if you include them)

So who is the best performing driver in the midfield in your opinion?

* By all means feel free to vote if in your opinion Heidfeld has performed the best, yet been unfairly replaced by Renault.

^ (optional if Merc is midfield)
I may be a bit bias on this one but i don't care. I've gone for Paul Di Resta, he's been a cut above the rest of the rookies and even though his teammate is currently on more points than him Di Resta has more or less been equal to if not better than Sutil.

Also really can't class Merc as a midfield team.

Also where's the option for Mark Webber?
Until the summer break, I would have had to say Petrov. Since then perhaps Algersuari, over the season maybe di Resta or (if you allow for the accident) Perez. Sorry, Moose :(

In all seriousness, had he been an option, I would probably have gone for Kovaleinen for consistently delivering the maximum. Not sure I can say the same about any of the choices on offer?
In all seriousness, had he been an option, I would probably have gone for Kovaleinen for consistently delivering the maximum.

I was thinking about putting Kovalainen in, but then why? He's only been at the back of the midfield ahead of one or two cars only a few times.

Not sure I can say the same about any of the choices on offer?


I am surprised no one's voted Heidfeld, Petrov is only 2 points ahead of him after having several more races, but then I guess he should have been performing better nevertheless.
I've gone for Jaime, considering the pressure he was under, the performances he's delivered have been really good considering he was one race from the sack supposedly, outscoring Di Resta and Perez so far :)
I would love to see Mercedes elevate themselves out of the midfield next year and I would like to see Red Bull fall back. Not out of the competition, mind. More back into the competition.
Sutil may be ahead on points but I'd just have to say Di Resta. You can just tell that he has the potential to just outclass his car and beat a Mercedes/Renault or two on merit, Sutil only has rare flashes of this. I think he really is one for the future and I expect him to be sat in a Mercedes by the start of the 2013 season. Whether he's good enough to beat Rosberg remains to be seen...
I dunno, I’m yet to be convinced on Di Resta, maybe I’m missing something, he has is moments but then so does Sutil. In fact quite a few of the guys in this pack has had a moment, but then gone back into obscurity. Mercedes is the best car of the midfielders but I’m surprised how many people have voted Rosberg despite more often than not being out raced by Schumacher. So its Schumacher for me, then one of the Force Indias, maybe Sutil then Di Resta.
The question is who is the best performing, not who is perhaps the most talented. This is a toss up really as any of them - except the Williams drivers perhaps - could have a case for it. Each of them seems to be at the front of the pack (obviously discounting Mercedes) every weekend and it has been really dependent on the car's attributes at a certain circuit. Just look at Sauber's awful showing at the weekend when both drivers just couldn't find any pace.

I can't really vote because of this - I have been noticing how many times I've been sitting on the fence lately :whistle:

As for who is the most talented I may say Kobayashi but that's just because I like his style the most :)
The question is who is the best performing, not who is perhaps the most talented.

Good point Boyle. I voted for di Resta a couple days ago and was about to post that I could see him taking a title down the road someday while it was hard to envision that for some of the others, but then I realized that had nothing to do with his current midfield battle, so I didn't post anything. You're words have jogged my memory though.

After Korea, I would have to say that "Squire" is performing pretty well. At this point I don't see how Toro Rosso can drop Alguersuari over Buemi.
I'm not including the Mercs, if I was they both would win easily! Its between Kamui and Sutil. Kobayashi has been a great team leader for sauber despite his inexperience and Sutil has had some superb races. Kamui wins it for me.
Discounted the Mercedes drivers as their car is not quite a front runner but is better than the mid-field so have gone for Petrov as he has the most points in the drivers table currently :thumbsup:
Rosberg has been best of the rest the last 3 years, even when at Williams. I don't think I can class Merc as front runners given they have never won a Grand Prix.
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