Who am I - XII

This one seems to be foxing everyone so here's clue 2: My first car was an MG TF (not the new one folks) which I used for hill climbs.
Hmm, no idea on this one, nothing new there then :D

It sounds like it's going to be a Brit' though due to the MG and hill climb connection so I'll go for Graham Hill.
I don't know why I know this but Graham Hill's father was a stock broker. I see where you're coming from AMR but it's not EJ

Clue 3: To pay for my racing early on in my career I worked as a mechanic at Jack Brabham's garage in Chessington.
Not James Hunt - Clue 4: My first big break was a works drive for the Abarth team at Le Mans and then Ken Tyrrell's Formula Junior team the following year.

edit - Formula Junior not F2 (for those going to cheat and use Wiki!)
No, not David Brabham. Okay, an easier one, clue 5 - I won 8 Grands Prix in a 9 year career and in my World Championship year won 2 races.
Sorry TBY, not John Surtees.

Do I get an award for the longest Who am I quiz or have the questions been too obscure?

Clue 6 - I won my World Championship as part of an Antipodean duo who won back to back championships in the 60's.
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