When did Martin say these...

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So inspired by Mjo, When did Martin Brundle say the following?

1. It’s understeering like a cross-Channel ferry
Malaysia 2009

2. I’m gonna steal three seconds here to say thank you to every single person who’s worked on F1 ITV in the last twelve years. You’re tops: dedicated people, really creative. Well done, everybody
Brazil 2008

3. Hugging the inside like his favourite granny.
Malaysia 2011

4. The Ferraris are now back into the 1.19s. There’ll be cobwebs on the side of them if they go much slower.
Germany 2006

5. You gonna throw me off the grid, son? Well, you’ll have to try harder than that.
USA 2007

6. The car looked as predictable as a puppy dog.
Europe 2004

7. David Coulthard has landed. Obviously you didn’t get my text saying, ‘Bring me a sandwich’.
Canada 2011

8. Kobayashi bounces across the kerbs and ... oh. We’ve seen that now, then. That’s good. I’m glad I didn’t miss that.
Monza 2011

9. Martin: I have to say, that [Hispania car] looks terrifying to drive. That deserves a point just for getting that round.
Jonathan: They’re talking about needing an experienced driver. You’re not gonna offer yourself as an experienced driver?
Martin: I’m busy that day, I think.

China 2010

10. He’s like somebody at Christmas thoroughly disappointed with all his presents, is Lewis today.
Brazil 2010
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