What your Favourite F1 car of all time and why (it doesn't have to be the fastest)?


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The mp4-20, the last of the V10 beasts. Love the colour scheme and the low wide nose. Unfortunately the last black Mclaren made.


There are some other cars which i also like, but they are already posted, except for the Lotus 97T

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They've all gone down since the Lotus 25.

Formula 1 is supposed to be about car racing, not upside down aeroplanes.


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Cor, all you young pups don't know nuffin, cars from 2 years ago? Here's some proper racing cars:


AJ in the Williams FW07


Ferrari 312B


Mad Manfred Winklehock in the ATS D6

I have to admit the 312B is my personal favourite.


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Agree that the BGP 001 was a great looking car and I don't think the wheel covers were any worse than the others, they all looked pretty ugly.


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Gotta say Blue and White does work... (I know this shouldn't be a livery thing) but Ligier did do some good looking cars.

I do wonder if our favourite cars correspond with the first years we started watching F1... I can definately see my prefered style of F1 car matches up to when I started watching in earnest back in the early 80's.
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