What is Bernie up to now?

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I worked for a US company who were targeted by the Soros group. They kept on buying up shares until they had enough to force the company to take one of their representatives onto the board. The one chosen had paid a $1,000,000 fine for insider trading, he said that he was not guilty but it was cheaper to pay the fine than legal costs plus the loss of earnings due to having to attend court with a possibility of a prison sentence.

Money talks wherever you are.


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Since the bank is claiming that Bernie undervalued the rights by $400 million (!!!!!), the financial implications of this case to Bernie could be HUGE!


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He has proved to be more than happy to flash his cash to buy his way out of sticky situations. He looks guilty to me.


Forgive me for not remembering the details, but I believe there is still the unsuccessful US bidder who was awaiting the outcome of the German trial before taking the decision on whether or not to sue Mr E.


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Gribowsky is in prison for accepting a bride but, I believe, Bernie's defence was that the money was paid as he was being blackmailed by the man who, Bernie claims, threatened to report him to the UK tax authorities. I presume if Gribowsky had admitted to blackmail then the prison sentence would have been even longer.

It does make you wonder why HMRC aren't having a dig about into the affairs of Mr B Ecclestone, or maybe they are. Presumably, as with companies like Vodafone and Starbucks, a payment will be agreed which is "mutually agreeable", agreeable to everyone except all us poor saps who have to cough up our taxes through PAYE and can't have our salaries moved off shore.


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For all we know he may have already made a payment to HMRC. They wouldn't draw attention to it though, would they?


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If Gribowsky had had the wonga to pay the court then one must assume that he wouldn't be in prison. A bizarre system in the leading EU country's legal system!

I suspect that our Bernie is cannier than the average tax inspector, or his advisers are, and, even when he dies, his fortune will be well protected.

Money breeds money and always serves as a protection - the nasty face of capitalism?
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