What does signing Sergey Sirotkin say about todays F1?


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I've been thinking about this question in the days since the signing of this 17 year old Russian driver was announced by Sauber.

Obviously the initial reaction is the fact that this is aimed at gaining more sponsorship money from Russian based backers in the time honored tradition of F1 team's.

When you think about that though, there would surely be a number of more experienced Russian drivers, Petrov for example, who would be far less risky than a young un-tested 17 year old driver.

A quick look at Sirotikin shows that he has put some good performances in at the lower level winning a European championship in Formula Abarth (roughly F3 level) and finishing 3rd in the European F3000 (now known as Auto GP) championship last year. He clearly has some talent and ability.

But, is the signing of a driver of this age showing that F1 is getting comparatively easier ?? Are drivers starting at a younger age or is the difference in skills required to drive at each stage a lot closer than they ever were?


I don't know what teenagers of 17 years old are thinking today but when I was seventeen all I could think about was having sex and plenty of it, now I feel I would have been better off channeling my energies elsewhere, so good on the lad......


Money, sponsorship & connections. Oh, and having your country hosting a GP in the next year always helps.

Teams are struggling - they'll take whatever drivers they can get as long as they stay afloat.


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cider_and_toast - The question is: have Sauber pulled off a "Raikkonen" and found an unbelievable talent, then asked for Russian money, or vice-versa?

We will only see when we compare his performance to whoever is in the other Sauber.


have Sauber pulled off a "Raikkonen" and found an unbelievable talent, then asked for Russian money, or vice-versa?

I doubt it. This was a rescue operation. Sirotkin is an afterthought.

If he is rushed into F1 he'll follow the Alguersuari route for Russian TV.
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