Was the penalty applied to LH fair and justified?

Was the penalty applied to LH fair and justified?

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As it says on the tin.

Were the stewards justified in penalising LH?

Personally I don't think they were.
They were both fighting for position approaching the corner.
KR squeezed LH off the track and he had little choice but to cut the chicane otherwise there would have been a collision.
LH then rightly backed off and allowed KR to get in front before passing around the back of his car and overtaking him at the next corner.

Even Charlie Whiting judged it to be within the rules after Ron D queried it with him during the race.
Fair and justified? You are having an absolute joke. There is nothing fair and justified about Hamilton getting a penalty for that! How many times have we seen a driver being punished for being nerfed off the track. Plus, Hamilton let the useless Finn back past! What was he supposed to do, let Massa pass him as well! If driving a McLaren is against the rules, maybe there should be an amendment made somewhere. If any other driver, with the exception of Kovalianen, had done that, it would be called a "racing incident". McLaren should go straight to CAS about this, especially when you consider the absolute joke of a "penalty" Ferrari got for releasing Massa into the path of another car 2 weeks ago. >:(
Footage of the incident

On-board footage

On board footage showing Kimi's excursion off track and the overtake under a yellow flag

Analysis of the incident

Image showing the distance between the 2 cars before and after the chicane


Michael Schumacher v Pedro De La Rosa in 2006 - no penalty given

I would say the result of this poll is going to be as obvious as an ITV-F1 quiz.

Which driver suffered an unfair 25 second penalty at this weekends Belgium GP?

A) Lewis Hamilton
B) The archbishop of canterbury
C) A pencil sharpener

Text A, B or C to 12345 along with the name of every one in your immediate family. Texts charged at 9 pounds a letter.
Looks like the onboard footage has been removed!

I slept on this (well not really slept other sports kept me awake) thinking i might calm down by this morning and be more rational about my thoughts however, after much reading on various boards and having seen several replays of the the alledged incident i can draw no other conclusion that it was indeed a "racing incident" and therefore no penalties should apply.

My own opinion is lewis would have taken him at some point before the finish if not at the sector it did happen in given the mclaren does seem to have superior mechanical grip which better suits those types of conditions but that is just an opinion and who knows!!

C_A_T what do you rekon the prize will be??
Slick. The Prize is an all expenses paid weekend at the "james Allen school for F1 commentators". You will spend an entire weekend in the company of James Allen as he takes you step by step through what it takes to be the premier F1 commentator. Each night James will come to your 1 star hotel room and read extracts from Lewis Hamiltons Biography before tucking you in so that you can get a good nights kip before getting back to the grindstone. Your weekend will finish on the sunday afternoon with a simulated GP in which you will act as the Yin to James Yang as you commentate on the race. A prize that money can't buy......

I have posted a thread in the F1 area about the incident. It's my personnel opinion that LH DID gain an advantage from cutting the chicane but the penalty applied was unjust and unfair. I can't for the life of me understand how he was docked two places. How could Nick Heidfeld benifit from what Lewis did when Heidfeld wasn't even third at the time of the incident. While I have said that I think Lewis did gain an advantage ( and that's just my opinion and counts for zero) I can't stand the way these retrospective and inconsistent penalties are being applied. >:(
Brogan said:
Apparently Lewis Hamilton is under investigation already for Monza... ;) :D

Best not to turn up then.

Just Force India and a couple of others - why not? Saves the planet and various ancillary fees.
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