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Not seem a thread on here but forgive me if you know. The Drivers and teams have set up a virtual racing series to run in places of races with drivers logging on and racing from home. Not sure which drivers as of yet but might be fun to watch.

In UK it's live in Sky Sports from 8pm - like 3 mins!

Anyone going to give it a watch?


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Knew it was on when I read about it earlier, then forgot about it.


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Watched it. It was better than I expected. It is on youtube, so was able to watch it when it was convenient for us, and able to watch in our big screen TV.


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you know it was better, than I thought it would be & far better than last weekends with Lando Norris in Melbourne I was bored after 8 laps

I loved Lando Norris apparently on his channel, not Sky Sports/Facebook/Youtube stream, calling George Russell because he wanted tips from the most experienced driver at the back of the grid


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And the season points are:

Zhou: 25
Vandoorne: 18
Eng: 15
Broadbent: 12
Norris: 10
Latifi: 8
Salvadori: 6
Chaloner: 4
Beganovic: 2
Hulkenberg: 1

I have no idea who got the fastest lap.

This is the best we got. Will Nico Hulkenberg finally get a podium?
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