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Not seem a thread on here but forgive me if you know. The Drivers and teams have set up a virtual racing series to run in places of races with drivers logging on and racing from home. Not sure which drivers as of yet but might be fun to watch.

In UK it's live in Sky Sports from 8pm - like 3 mins!

Anyone going to give it a watch?
Watched it. It was better than I expected. It is on youtube, so was able to watch it when it was convenient for us, and able to watch in our big screen TV.
you know it was better, than I thought it would be & far better than last weekends with Lando Norris in Melbourne I was bored after 8 laps

I loved Lando Norris apparently on his channel, not Sky Sports/Facebook/Youtube stream, calling George Russell because he wanted tips from the most experienced driver at the back of the grid
And the season points are:

Zhou: 25
Vandoorne: 18
Eng: 15
Broadbent: 12
Norris: 10
Latifi: 8
Salvadori: 6
Chaloner: 4
Beganovic: 2
Hulkenberg: 1

I have no idea who got the fastest lap.

This is the best we got. Will Nico Hulkenberg finally get a podium?
I have been surprised at just how good this racing has been but it's still not something I would get out of bed at 2 a.m. for. That said, some of the crap I've have got out of bed at 2 a.m. to which in non-virtual racing I probably shouldn't be so picky.
just finished watching it & 2 months ago it wouldve sounded ludicrous to say this. but that VirtualGP is the best lockdown sport so far. the incredible Albon/Leclerc race long battle was absolutely gripping. with the new f1 2021 in 2022 rules & dirty air getting reduced to hopefully 5%. hope its a glimpse into future, we can get these leclerc v albon titanic battles in the real world.

because it not a strange thing to say that in 36 lap race the gap never went beyond 2 secs & was like indy 500 more overtakes for the lead than we saw all last season
yes this has escalated quickly unsure if banishing him is a punishment that fits the crime. & as i read reports that he will no longer drive for audi which feels harsh but you cant do what he did. i could try to not be cynical & take him at face value that he was giving the sim driver a chance but if you wanted to do that why all the subterfuge & secrecy. why not explain & let Formula E know. see if its ok. i

but it does feel abit like cheating or at very least dishonesty because this a bit of fun but is still competive action, people will take this seriously & still want to win. they are trusting everyone & it was very silly. but he is using his version of a cheat code because his best qualifying was 15th his best race was 9th hadnt scored a point & all of sudden he is 3rd.

in normal times this does sound overreaction but these arent normal times & people will take this more seriously. dont have much to hang on to & if your seen to be taking the mick
i had completely forgotten about that RasputinLives . but it wouldnt surprise me that they would bet on it.

this is what makes me wonder why the secrecy

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