Valentino Rossi in A1GP


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As the thread title suggests, "The Doctor" may soon be gracing the A1GP circuit.

"A1GP Team Italy have confirmed that negotiations over a drive have taken place with Rossi, but his availability is likely to be limited by his winter testing programme with Yamaha." >>> Autosport <<<.

If Valentino does drive for Team Italy, would it enhance the standing of A1GP that much? Would it boost A1GP to be a more credible motor sport category?

Likewise, would teams/manufacturers in more credible series take note of what Valentino does and, if he does well, look to sign him? :no:

Or, will it just be a distraction from what Valentino does best; i.e. MOTOGP. Ofcourse, it could just be a good way to keep active in between winter tests...
hmmm......seems like its all coming from Piercarlo Ghinzani, Rossi has said anthing about moving into A1

would be intresting though if he did, People talk about how great he was supposdlt at a ferrari test but he did appently spend more time spiining then going forward,

Wouldn,t expect him to be fastest at the start but give him a bit of time and he could be.

It would be great for A1's image both to the fans and potential sponsers but only if Rossi is a) sucessfull, b) actually puts time and effort into it,
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