USA GP, Austin


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The Yak will be losing his virginity (from an F1 attendance perspective) in a months time...end of the main drag at Turn 12, row 2 (close enough to catch a piece of Koba's or Grosjeans car in the chops...:whistle:)

Will try to get you some dispatches during the weekend... with some photo's...

I also have two (x2) Fri / Sat / Sun tickets available same location if anyone is thinking of making the trip... or planning on attending and haven't purchased tickets yet... drop me a line if you are interested.



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Why couldn't you have mentioned this a month ago when I could have booked flights and renewed my visa? :p Would so have been there.

Have a great time, as with everything in the US right now in terms of entertainment they look very organised and ready to deal with the race, hope it woks out for them and the track is as good as it looks on paper as would love to make it out for next years race.
canis ... thanks...and apologies mate ... I plan on being there next year (barring a semi or bus running me over...), will need to keep you in the loop...

mjo ... thanks ... will be working on getting some dispatches in over the race weekend... need to spend some time figuring out the flasho camera I got my wife for her birthday a year or so ago...
gethinceri ... unfortunately no... just referring to a passing vehicle as I cross the road between now and nexts race....
But they will have Texas BBQ... hmmmm mmm mmmmm...

Having had to recalibrate from Australian meat pies and other delights... I can safely say that Texas knows how to eat...:D
That first corner reminds me of turn 3 at the Buddh circuit. I imagine it won't be as hectic as many imagine (Senna, Maldonado and Grosjean notwithstanding).
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