Two Earth like Planets found just round the corner


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So two 'Earth' like Planets with a 60% chance of having an atmosphere and rocky mountain foundations have been discovered at Teegarden's star just 12.5 light years away. Basically the space equivalent of nipping to the corner shops.

Teegarden is our nearest star but is so dim (like me) it wasn't spotted until 2003. These planets are thought to have a good chance of having life on due to being in such a stable solar system. Scientists predict any life there would have already evolved to the point where it could argue about the Irish backstop.

Rumours the FIA are already in talks to hold a Grand Prix on one of these planets cannot be confirmed.
So scientists have now declared this planet a 'super-Earth'. I'm assuming it got bit by a radioactive comment.

In all seriousness it is quite exciting that there is a high chance if frozen water etc on it and will show us more about how our earth was formed.

Latest is that the Grand Prix of GJ 357d will be on the 2022 calendar and it's always sold more tickets that the Viet Nam Grand Prix.
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I've just spent this morning making three dozen cakes for a charity event, I suppose we could take some of them with us to sustain us on the way.
I am shocked Angel. You are prepared to steal from a charity?

What sort of cakes?

No, we could buy the cakes so the charity gets the money, obviously! I do them every year at this time. Besides, I paid for all the ingedients!

There are a dozen chocolate topped, chocolate chip cakes, a dozen iced fruit and cherry and a dozen chocolate sponge with vanilla cream and real chocolate sprinkles.
:dizzy: Blimey Angel big cakes or little cakes ?

Little cakes, cupcake size Titch, that was hard enough to do. I'd still be working if they were big cakes.
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