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With the upgrade to the new software, the trophy criteria was expanded, so a few new trophies have been added.

In conjunction with that, the user titles have also been changed and the points thresholds adjusted accordingly.

This is the new user title ladder:
Test Driver​
Points Scorer​
Podium Finisher​
Pole Sitter​
Race Winner​
Champion Elect​
World Champion​
Double World Champion​
Multiple World Champion​

Of course, the default titles only apply to those who haven't set a custom title of their own.

P.S. I defy anyone to get that last trophy :D
I have been demoted... I'm sure I used to be a pole sitter and now I am a Rookie again :disappointed:.

Did I get a drive through for something?
Sorry jez, there were a few new titles introduced and the points and thresholds tweaked.

There were a few people approaching the top end of the ladder so we had to raise everything a bit.

I'll be tweaking it over time though to get the right balance.
:o 100 points just for being a member of staff! lol if that’s not corruption I dunno what is. Just like these bankers giving themselves huge bonuses. Tut tut.
If you consider the work they put in and the grief they get, I think that's fair :)

We regularly advertise for new staff and get very, very few responses, so those who do step up should be rewarded appropriately.
lol, Of course you’d say that! Find me banker who wouldn’t.

Don’t worry, I’ll get my 100 points in 9½ years then who’ll be laughing! muahahahaaa
Not to say, it would be terrible if all his points were somehow accidentally wiped out :whistle:

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