Toyota beats the Nurburging lap record for an electric vehicle


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Considering it's purely batteries, this is fairly impressive.

Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has set a new lap record for an electric vehicle (EV) at the legendary 20.8km Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany.

The TMG EV P001, with 100% electric powertrain and Jochen Krumbach at the wheel, set a new lap record of 7mins 47.794secs to beat the previous lap record, which stood at 9mins 1.338secs, by a very substantial margin.

Using two electric motors, the TMG electric powertrain has a top speed of 260km/h which combined with 800Nm of torque to achieve impressive speeds on the extremely challenging Nordschleife track, which includes significant elevation changes and lengthy flat-out sections.

800nm of torque!!! Jeeze that a lot! You wouldn’t want to be a passenger in that you be throwing up all the time lol.
Very impressive tho, very strange having no engine noise you hear things you’d never normally hear.
It's strange, but a combination of the lack of engine noise, more pronounced tyre squeaks and the camera angle meant that it was probably half way through the video before I managed to convince myself that it wasn't a computer simulation of the lap.

(If it comes out that it was computer generated I'm going to look really stupid now...)
That's fair shifting down the straights and as mentioned very odd with no noise.

Do you reckon it has any form of KERS on it?
One thing I'm not clear on is why it doesn't have/need gears.

Surely gears would help to reduce huge current draw from the batteries when pulling away and accelerating?
Just unnecessary Brogan. The motor will generate peak torque at 0rpm so gears are fairly pointless. Choose your final drive ratio and go!
Wow, that acceleration down the straights is pretty breathtaking. All they've got to do now is work out to give it decent handling with all that battery weight aboard...
This is what it looks like from the outside.

If electric racing series' every take off then there's even less for the driver to do as there's no gear changing required.

I saw in the news today that a single seater electric series has been announced and Silverstone have fitted electric charging points, so it's not too far away.

Possibly a topic for another thread?
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