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Only seen upto ep4. The star in the reasonably priced car is a bit crap, 1st episode was dreadful in hindsight but 2, 3, 4 were good & i like the presenters for some reason the 1 that should work Chris Evans hasn't & as some said probably should go into producing


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If the BBC weren't so worried about the revenue they make from Top Gear they could have scaled the program back and let it grow with a new team. Sadly the rest of the world wanted zany and zany the BBC gave them. The trouble is, the old TG team had a decade or more to get to that level. If you go and watch an episode from season 2 or 3 they review normal cars and things are quite mild.

Chris Evans was never the right man for the job. When the rumours first surfaced (which he denied) that he was being considered there was a pretty big backlash even then. Hardly the best start.

It's hard to see where they go now.


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Chris Evans was the weak part of the show, they should just keep Eddie J for the odd quirky feature, Sabine Schmidt just for track features.
I actually really like all the stuff that Matt Le Blanc, Rory Reid and the peculiar one have done.


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How Chris Evans didnt work on top gear will be mystery, as out of 7 he shouldve been the dead cert. Popular with public with R2 breakfast show & big return hit of TFI Friday. Struggle to find anyone who knows about/loves cars more in Britain. Was on old top gear watched old top gear & star in reasonably price car interviews. That should be great like he was TFI Friday was poor

But somehow Matt LeBlanc Rory Reid & Chris harris all unexpectedly outshone him & he the big star became the minor role. But I will say that now ive the whole series the 1st episode was shocking & just screamed forced fun


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Suspect he may have been encouraged from on high; with the investigation of alleged sexual harassment (in the 90's) looming.
Wouldn't look good for export sales; and if he has to step out of the limelight later then better to do it at home.

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Rory Reid, Chris Harris and Matt Le Blanc. There is the show.
I think there is one thing still missing- the production team; if the BBC want to make Top Gear a hit again, they want to reverse a coach load of money to Andy Wilman's house to get him to produce on Top Gear (as well as the Grand Tour).


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Are we already for the grand tour. As i sorted myself out today for grand tour on friday, fire stick & prime subscription bought at 5.99 a mth. Which 4mths works out at probally £1.50 an episode which looks great value for money if its anywhere near top gear

For me its a voyage into the unknown, as ive never bought a streaming service before as as sky+ is everything i need, closest i get to streaming is the on demand section of sky. So im hoping the fire stick is easy as it seems on tv
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