Too Many Points Awarded?


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What was this medals idea?!
Bernie suggested that in order for drivers to go for wins he should award them "Medals" for each win then the position of the championships would be decided by the drivers with most wins in a season

THe confusing part is all over driver placings would be decided on points

This is in response to supposedly the overcautious approach Mclaren took with Hamilton in 2008 for the championship rather than racing hard with Massa for the title when both were on 5 wins and Hamilton only needed 5th to win the title

He was adamant it was going to be used in 2009...until 3 days before the championship - the teams read the rule book which included a rule that " All competing teams have a right to protest/veto the idea within 20 days of being drafted"

This left Bernie red faced and the championship was reverted back to 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 points system

He subsequently put a rule in place that any rule changes are signed and sealed with no grounds to veto or protest
My initial thought was that it's lunatic to give points beyond the first half dozen - if you can't make the top-6 then you really don't deserve anything - F1 is exactly like every other sporting competition devised by mankind - the winner wins, the rest are either runners-up or also-rans, (or has-beens).

Then I remembered that even with the 10-6... system all drivers were ranked according to where they were classified, so in fact the official tables were always compiled according to how a driver performed - a driver with consistent 13th places was CLASSIFIED higher than a driver with consistent 16th places (for example) even if neither of them came anywhere near scoring a point

The point-scoring places are the headliners in the "tables" but the final results classified every driver with his every race result, and in effect "awarded points" all the way from first to last.

There was, therefore, and still is no reason on earth to change the 10-6... system to the 10-8... system, to the 25... system we have now. It makes not a blind bit of difference, the rankings are what they are, same as they always were.

It also skews the historical records - Johnny Dumfries only scored 3 points in his only season and was regarded as a failure, but if the same scoring system then had applied now he would have outscored every F1 driver in 2011 below Nick Heidfeld. All of a sudden Dumfries is a damn good F1 driver !
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