Tom Wheatcroft Passes away today aged 87


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Picked up this piece of sad news from the CTA feed. Tom Wheatcroft worked wonders to put Donnington back on the motorsport map and create one of the top three circuits for international motorsport in this country. It's such a shame that he should pass away within such a short space of time after the failure to secure the British GP at his track. With Donnington Ventures ltd in massive finacial trouble and now the circuit owner passing away it could be the end of Donnington as a racing circuit. That however is for another day, as I'm sure all motorsport fans will be sending their condolences to the Wheatcroft family.
Sad news indeed, events of the last few months can't have pleased him much but he did at least get to see one Grand Prix at his circuit and it was won in incredible style by one of the greatest drivers ever to grace Formula 1.

If any of you haven't already been the Donington Grand Prix Collection is well worth a visit and is a fitting testimony to Tom Wheatcroft's love of motor racing.
I echo all sentiments from all other Apex Clippers regarding Tom Wheatcroft.

It is unfortuanate that he leaves with Donnington in such dire straits, and my thoughts go out to the family.
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