This Time Last Year...


  • Sebastian Vettel led the drivers championship and Ferrari led the constructors.
  • The vast majority of us firmly believed Red Bull would have fallen out with Honda by now, having signed with them a few weeks previous.
  • Ricciardo led Verstappen in the Championship.
  • Renault had double the points haul they have this year.
  • I was one day away from being permitted to post on a motor sport forum again.
  • It was bloody hot.
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That is all true, and what a difference a year makes. Honda have managed their first win with Red Bull, there is talk Vettel will be heading back there in 2020 (not sure I believe that but you can never say never). We've seen no sign of the 'shoey' thank goodness.

It's still quite warm here today, (25C) That's nothing like as hot as last year I know but it's in the needing ice cream territory ;)

  • Force India (Racing Point) were doing a lot better than they are this year.
  • Bottas had no wins for 2018
apparently all this money was too put them straight & even pre season the CEO said dont expect much 2019. 2020 is really bar
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