The Years of F1 Marathon


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The quizzes on this site are tough, but mercifully short. Not this one. You have to last the pace of 61 questions, one for each year of Formula One. Good luck!

1. In 1950, which language was spoken in the countries where Nino Farina did not finish?

French (Monaco, France)

2. In 1951, what position did Indy500 winner Lee Wallard finish in the Drivers Championship?

7th Position

3. In 1952, who scored a podium for Cooper?

Mike Hawthorn

4. In 1953, which constructor other than Ferrari won a race?


5. In 1954, how many points did World Champion Alberto Ascari score?

I'll give you three-quarters of a point for 0. The correct answer is 0.14 for one-seventh of a fastest lap!

6. In 1955, where was Juan Fangio's only non-podium?


7. In 1956, who scored three third places in a row?

Jean Behra

8. In 1957, who drove the only Ferrari at Pescara?

Luigi Musso

9. In 1958, which country's race completed the season?


10. In 1959, who was Maurice Trintignant driving for in his third Monaco podium?


11. In 1960, Jack Brabham won all his races consecutively. How many?


12. In 1961, which was the constructor other than Ferrari to win a race?


13. In 1962, who scored more points than Jim Clark but for the dropped points rule?

Bruce McLaren

14. In 1963, what did Jim Clark do for the only time in his F1 career at the Nurburgring?

Finished 2nd

15. In 1964, how many points did former champion Phil Hill score?


16. In 1965, which non-British driver won a race?

Richie Ginther

17. In 1966, what did the top 7 in the Drivers Championship have in common?

All won the WDC at some point:
Brabham, Surtees, Rindt, Hulme, Hill, Clark & Stewart

18. In 1967, which two F1 regulars scored as many points as one race wonder John Love?

Jo Siffert and Jochen Rindt

19. In 1968, which position did Jack Brabham finish in the Championship?


20. In 1969, Matra scored 66 points in the WDC, how many were by Jackie Stewart?


21. In 1970, who won the Italian Grand Prix when Jochen Rindt died?

Clay Reggazoni

22. In 1971, two men won one Grand Prix and appeared on no other podiums. One was Peter Gethin, who was the other?

Mario Andretti

23. In 1972, who was non-points scoring Australian Dave Walker's team-mate?

World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi

24. In 1973, which constructor did Chris Amon score a point for?


25. In 1974, which driver won at both Monaco and Monza?

Ronnie Peterson

26. In 1975, which driver scored two half-points to make a full point?

Jochen Mass, winner in Spain (4.5) and fourth in Austria (1.5)

27. In 1976, at which circuit did Niki Lauda return?


28. In 1977, who became the third debutant winner in a row in the Austrian Grand Prix?

Alan Jones

29. In 1978, where was Ronnie Peterson's last win?


30. In 1979, who won the Eastern and Western US Grands Prix?

Gilles Villeneuve

31. In 1980, who scored as many points as Mario Andretti?

Hector Rebaque on 1

32. In 1981, how many drivers won a race?


33. In 1982, how many constructors scored points?


34. In 1983, which two engine builders did Lotus have?

Ford & Renault

35. In 1984, how many podiums did Ayrton Senna score?


36. In 1985, how many races in a row did Senna not score points after his d├ębut win in Estoril?


37. In 1986, how many points did Johnny Dumfries score?


38. In 1987, two companies ran a "Megatron" engine. Which manufacturer had originally built it?


39. In 1988, who scored the most 3rd positions?

Thierry Boutsen

40. In 1989, there were an amazing 29 drivers to score points. How many scored more than 10?

8. Prost, Senna, Patrese, Mansell, Boutsen, Nannini, Berger & Piquet

41. In 1990, with which constructor did Jean Alesi score his first podium at Phoenix in the season opener?


42. In 1991, who replaced Alain Prost in the Ferrari at Adelaide, scoring his only half-point after a season with Minardi?

Gianni Morbidelli

43. In 1992, how many points did Ferrari score?

21. Half a point for anything more than 10 but less than 30!

44. In 1993, which driver won his first Grand Prix, then the next two?

Damon Hill

45. In 1994, of the 46 drivers who attempted to make the grid, which one did not make it?

Andrea Montermini of Simtek, who entered the Spanish GP as a replacement for the late Roland Ratzenburger

46. In 1995, who lead the Constructors' Championship after the first race?

Ferrari with 6 points to McLaren's 4. Benetton and Williams had been chucked out for fuel irregularities, but allowed to keep drivers points.

47. In 1996, what percentage of Ligier's points came from Panis' win at Monaco?

66.667% (10 of 15)
Half point for 60-65, 70-75
Two-thirds points (ironically) for 65-70 inclusive

48. In 1997, who was allowed to start the race from outside of 107%, unlike the Mastercard Lolas?

Pedro Diniz

49. In 1998, how many one-twos did McLaren have?


50. In 1999, who finished in the top 10 of the Drivers' Championship without scoring a point in the second half of the season?

Giancarlo Fisichella

51. In 2000, Giancarlo Fisichella was out at turn 1 twice in a row. Who else was out at both first corners?

Michael Schumacher, in Austria and Germany

52. In 2001, at which circuit did Jenson Button score both his championship points?


53. In 2002, who was third in the Championship?

Juan Pablo Montoya

54. In 2003, how many teams started on Bridgestone tyres?

5 - Ferrari, Sauber, Jordan, BAR and Minardi

55. In 2004, which of Minardis drivers did not score points?

Gianmaria Bruni. Baumgartner scored one at the USGP

56. In 2005, which driver had one race and scored a podium without standing on the podium?

Alex Wurz, who finished 4th at the San Marino Grand Prix before BAR's disqualification.

57. In 2006, at which race did Juan Pablo Montoya finish 2nd?


58. In 2007, at which race did Spyker score their only point?

Japanese GP through Adrian Sutil.

59. In 2008, first and second were separated by one point, third and fourth were separated on countback, fifth and sixth were separated by one point. How many constructors were represented in these 6 close-knit groups?

4 - McLaren (Hamilton), Ferrari (Massa, Raikkonen), BMW (Kubica, Heidfeld) and Renault (Alonso)

60. In 2009, the Brazilian GP qualifying was wet. For 1/5 of a point each, name the 5 Q1 victims.

Vettel (RBR), Kovalainen, Hamilton (both McLaren), Heidfeld (BMW), Fisichella (Ferrari)

61. In 2010, which were the only two teams to see a double Q1 failure at Spa?

HRT (for which 0 points awarded) and Sauber (for a full point)

62. In 2011, who (after Spa) is the best placed in the Championship without a podium this year?

Felipe Massa in 6th place in the WDC

Thanks for lasting!
how the heck did less for the noughies then the 80's which by the time it was finished i was the ripe old age of 1 :rolleyes:
1950's; 2
1960's: 3
1970's: 4
1980's: 6
1990's: 6.25
2000's: 5.4
2010's: 1

Making by my calutaions 27.65 Not bad some flukes and a few brain fart's ah Well
14.2 points, thought it was easy after getting the first three right, very soon learnt otherwise. No points in the seventies though :rolleyes:

Edit - breakdown like AMR - A mighty score btw

50s - 5
60s - 1.5
70s - 0
80s - 2.5
90s - 2
00s - 2
10s - 0.2
Wicked quiz, TBY

Remind me never to go on Mastermind claiming F1 to be my specialist subject. Thankfully, I'm a generalist and not the least bit embarrassed by my pitiful performances in quiz's.:embarrassed:

Oh, and before anyone asks how I've done ... I haven't finished yet. Got to eat me (rather late ) supper.:wave:

Edit: 9. Pathetic. Would have been more but I don't trust my old memory and kept changing my mind the wrong way. That's dementia for you.:crazy:
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