The ultimate gift for Renault fans


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Here it is guys, the ultimate F1 gift especially for Renault fans - the F1 salt and pepper pot (I kid you not)



These are made from the gearbox oil filter housing of a Renault F1 car and, should you be feel the need to impress your dinner party guest with such wonderful items, will set you back a cool €1,518 - no, I haven't typed that incorrectly.

So forget about your Breitlinger, Rolex and Rado watches; buy these instead - although they're not so useful if you want to know what the time is...
I'm told there is a major design problem with these Renault salt and pepper pots. The salt sprays fine, but only when the pepper has broken itself.
TBY, the other problem with these is that while the salt pot comes with all the latest upgrades and is said to be worth about 2 tenths of a gram of salt more than rivals the pepper pot is not given any development assistance at all. This could leave buyers to believe that this pepper pot is not as good as some others on the market.

I believe also that the pepper pot has now been replaced with an alternative design and may even be unavailable altogether in the very near future :D
I believe also that the pepper pot has now been replaced with an alternative design

Indeed Bro however I would advise against buying this new version as rumour has it that the new pepper pot has not had adequate testing and may not be up to speed.

Also there is some doubt as to weather these items will be on sale next year so it may not be wise to invest in something with only a limited shelf life.
The reason the salt pot is 2 tenths of a gram quicker is because of a fault with similar Mercedes models, whereby the pepper pot was as good as the salt pot and the salt pot started spraying everywhere and then buggering off!
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