The Le Mans 1955 Disaster


Champion Elect
I've just watched a programme on BBC4, which retold the horrific story of the crash at the 1955 Le Mans 24 Hour race.

The programme covered the build up to the race, the story of the Mercedes and Jaguar teams, their respective drivers and the dynamic of the Le Mans of that era.

My god, what a catastrophic series of circumstances, the like of which is unthinkable today. The programme featured some of the people present in the crowd, as well as some of the drivers. For me, watching that programme was quite upsetting, and some of the people's stories were very moving. Some of the descriptions were descriptive and very graphically told of the consequences of the crash, but it was respectful..

The programme will be shown again at 12.40am tonight and is an hour long. It's well worth watching, if a little upsetting..
I'm fairly sure I've seen that before McZ.

As you say, it's a very sobering program and makes you think.
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