The cryptic drivers name quiz


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I haven't done one of these for ages and ages so I thought it would be fun to wheel one out after all this time.

It's simple enough, it's just like a crossword puzzle clue.

Here's an example,

Carson's introduction is a bit of a wally = Johnny Herbert

So here are a few more: Good luck everyone.

1) To harass a reference to your spine

Hector Rebaque

2) An addition to a black belt on a US stretcher

Dan Gurney

3) Note swearing on a mobile phone

Marcus Erricson

4) Elton John song Short Richard is tough?

Daniel Ricciardo

5) Queens husband not b or c times by acceleration

Felipe Massa

6) Two black birds are not on time exclamation

JJ Lehto

7) Top of the column with an old type of Gum

Nelson Piquet

8) To stuff a part of your mouth where the good ship sails

Philippe Alliot

9) Sound reproducer makes frozen balls fall on forest

Mike Hailwood

10) Like your hearts need for Mainwairing's Sgt

Desire Wilson
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