The Cryptic name game II


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A while back I posted the cryptic name game and thought it's about time I did a follow up, so here it is.

Same as before all the names are of F1 drivers. Can you get them from the cryptic clues?

1. single Spanish Waiter's air blower started

Jaun Manual Fangio

2. A black one against Will Junior?

Mark Webber

3. Iron Maidens mascot unsure about grape plant?

Eddie Irvine

4. Morse's partner is academical

Lewis Hamilton

5. Angry outburst over sewing implement?

Tiff Nedell

6. Interceptor that keeps shirt together?

Jenson Button

7. Horatio's nuts (backwards)?

Nelson Piquet

8. Patron saint of travellers sounds like he's finished his prayer?

Chris Amon

9. Part of your foot and part of your leg found by the streams

Tony Brooks

10. Pear Cider was a famous hostage?

Perry McCarthy

There you go. See how long it takes you before you need to reveal the answer. Good luck. :thumbsup:
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