The Clip the Apex 2nd Birthday Quiz


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:birthday: Happy Birthday to! It is 2 today, and such an occasion deserves a quiz.

1. Our first post at the old forum was made by our member jochenrindt. His 'namesake' made his debut at Austria in 1964. For which constructor?

Brabham, he retired with steering problems about halfway through the 105 lap race

2. The site domain was purchased on July 18th, 2008 on the first day of practice for the German GP at Hockenheim. How many of the top 10 are in the current field?

7 (Hamilton, Massa, Kovalainen, Kubica, Vettel, Trulli, Rosberg). The three who weren't are Piquet , Raikkonen and Heidfeld.

3. The last post on the old site was by McZiderRed on KERS. The post referred to BMW. How many points did BMW gain in the first four races of last season, when they used KERS?

4, though Nick Heidfeld in Malaysia

4. Last year, the site's design came into fruition, which was based on the old colours of Bruce McLaren. In which country did Bruce take an orange McLaren to its first F1 win?


5. One of our members, Galahad, then known as Gordon Murray, started our overtaking analysis in 2009. The real Murray's BT49C won the Drivers Championship in 1981, and made one appearance the following season. What position did Patrese guide it to at the USA West Grand Prix?


6. Our thousandth thread was by fat_jez on Bridgestone's leaving F1. Who scored their first F1 win?

Mika Hakkinen, in Australia 1998

7. Our ten thousandth post was by rufus_mcdufus complaining that Juan Pablo Montoya was in top 10 of the 2000s lists posted by some members. In the points league table of the decade, where did JPM finish?

8th, behind Coulthard, Massa, Button, Barrichello, Alonso, Raikkonen and Schumacher.

8. Our twenty thousandth post was by Matthew_Little on Le Mans, an event where Scuderia Italia competed. Who are the two drivers to score podiums for them?

JJ Lehto and Andrea de Cesaris

9. Only one World Championship driver was born on 22 July, Dorino Serafini (1909), who scored a podium on his only start in 1950 with a shared drive at Monza. Who drove his car for the last 33 laps?

Alberto Ascari, who took over the Ferrari in third and passed Luigi Fagioli for second.

10. There have only been two World Championship races on 22 July. Both were won for McLaren by then double World Champions who finished the race second in the Championship behind only their team-mate. Name the drivers.

Niki Lauda (1984 Britain), Fernando Alonso (2007 Europe)

Happy Birthday!
I'll get the wall of shame rolling with a 3.

(made up of 2 1pt answers and 2 1/2 point answers for knowing one of the two drivers in questions 8 and 10)

Another good quiz TBY. :thumbsup:
Good effort TBY, I love the links :D

3 1/2 for me this time, one of my better efforts as well :D Got my half point for
Q10 :)
MD, I put that bit of your post under a spoiler button. Don't want to go giving the others the answer now do we. You've got the highest score at the moment.

Haha CaT.

I must remember to use those spoiler buttons! Bit gutted as I have been searching for the opportunity to use one for ages. Now I missed my chance :)
Brogan said:
Excellent stuff TBY :thumbsup:

However, with a paltry 1, I think I'll stick to running websites :D

In a sneak preview of the upcoming quiz stats I can reveal that your Mode average would actually be 1. :D

2.5 for me, although at least one was a complete guess.
A pretty poor 1 1/2 for me

Thanks TBY, the links into the various key moments in the site were brilliant :thumbsup:
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