Technical T-Trays anyone? (Technical Directive 35)

Scarb has had some great theories about RBR over the last couple of years. Unfortunately I don't think the FIA has been paying much attention.

edit - :embarrassed:
Thought it was worth updating this thread with some new information relating to FIA testing, directives from Charlie Whiting and flexible t-trays.

All the details are on Scarbs' blog:

Very interesting stuff, i'll be keeping an eye on that blog in future. The first thing came to mind was 'surely that's moveable aero?' but then it clearly gets round that by avoiding detection in the FIA's own test. What it does show is just how inept the FIA's testing methods are, if it's seemingly that easy to get round such a small item then you have to wonder what other rules are being exploited.
directives from Charlie Whiting and flexible t-trays.

Looks like Scarbs' piece might have led to TD35, which will be in effect for the first time in India.

The FIA’s response was a technical directive, coded TD35. It’s not surprising that it confirmed such an splitter would not be legal. But, crucially the FIA confirmed that they reserve the right to alter the test to ensure the deflection test procedure isn’t being exploited. Therefore future scrutineering checks, may well include an inspection of the splitters mounting and conducting the deflection test with the cars weight bearing down at different points, rather than sat flat on top of its plank.
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