Space Shuttle Atlantis to Launch 16 Nov 2009

That's who I meant! Megan McArthur! Did I say McCarthy? I must have misheard her name. Oops. You won't tell her, will you? :embarrassed:

If I was on the shuttle, it'd be her voice that I'd want to hear! :heart:

"PERSONAL DATA: Born in 1971 in Honolulu, Hawaii." About the right age...

"Megan enjoys SCUBA diving, backpacking, and cooking." So do I..!! (the backpacking & cooking anyway, but I'm willing to learn SCUBA diving).

"Married." It doesn't say 'happily', does it?! LOL

Thanks for finding the info, fat_jez.

Oh yeah, I suppose I should mention that there's some great footage of the two astronauts space walking. :)
(Careful with that Stanley-knife Eugene!)

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!), finances dictate I must remain an admirer from afar.

In case of confusion, the Stanley-knife reference in my previous post was an attempt at humour in regards to the space-walkers. After all, you wouldn't want an errant knife blade piercing your space suit, would you?! The only stalking going on right now, is my covert observation of the space shuttle/international space station...
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