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Not easy to come up with new ideas, Canada seems to be good at separating the men from the men with frequent different winners of pole, fastest lap and the race. 2008 was no exception with:

Pole Position - Lewis Hamilton
Time: 1:17.886

Fastest Lap - Kimi Raikkonnen
Time: 1:17.387

Winner - Rubert Kubica
Fastest Lap Time: 1:17.539

Total fastest laps time: 3:52.812

OK, with faster qualifying and slicks where do we think we'll end up this year as the combined total of the three fastest laps?

Guesses to nearest 1/10th

To get the ball rolling I'm going for:

Quali : 1:14.2
Race : 1:15.1
Winner : 1:15.3

Total : 3:44.6
Hmm, this is extremely tricky as the forecast is changing all the time with rain predicted on one or all of the days.

However, I'll go for dry times and go for:

Pole: 1:15.6
Race: 1:17.7
Winner: 1:17.9

Total: 3:51.2
In the interests of fairness, I should point out that there is an extra corner at Canada this year :D ;)

2008 Circuit

2010 Circuit


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Taking all the factors into account; namely - slicks tyres, full fuel tanks, there's a new corner and I don't have a clue, my answer is as follows:

Pole - 1:15.1
Fastest - 1:15.5
Winner - 1: 15.5

So, my final answer is 3:46.1

Cheers, me dears!
Brogan said:

McZ was just 0.005 away from the pole time :o

Nice one chap :thumbsup:


That crystal ball I "borrowed" from Enja worked quite well! The fact that I nicked the crystal ball was probably why Enja got the qualifying rain prediction wrong... :whistle:

I can't really see my predictions being correct for the fastest & winner's lap times though. :nah:
Results were:

Pole LH: 1:15.105
Fastest Lap RK: 1:16.972
Winner Fastest LH: 1:17.806

Total fastest laps: 3:49.883

By my reckoning that makes Brogan our fastest lap man of the mo and responsible for Portugal...

Congratulations Bro!
Little ol' me? :D

Hmm, I'll have to think of something for Valencia* now.

*I think that's what you meant Geoff.
Brogan said:
Little ol' me? :D

Hmm, I'll have to think of something for Valencia* now.

*I think that's what you meant Geoff.

I have no idea what I was thinking of - :s

Maybe I just wasn't... :embarrassed:
It'd be a little too obvious, I think, and despite Galahad's diligent work, its not a firm number to be calculated from official results. There could be a European theme though, or a Brazilian one because only Brazilians have yet won at Valencia!
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