Sebastien Loeb - 8 times champion


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The amazing Frenchman has done it again, securing an unprecedented eighth consecutive World Rally Championship title after his only remaining title rival, Ford's Mikko Hirvonen suffered an engine failure after damaging his Fiesta's radiator on Rally GB yesterday.

Hirvonen's team mate Jari-Matti Latvala leads going into the final day on Sunday, six seconds clear of Loeb, who will become champion now regardless of his result. Kris Meeke is running fifth in his Prodrive Mini, six minutes 20 seconds behind the leader.
I have always said that Loeb has to be considered one of the all-time great drivers of whatever discipline. I think that rally drivers are the most versatile and courageous drivers in sport today and deal with hazards that would send most circuit racers into screaming fits.
Sebastien Loeb is one of the greatest drivers of all time. :yes:
But I haven't really heard about WRC since it was shunted off Dave. :(
Great job by Loeb, he only made one mistake this season (the crash in Australia) and has won the championship fair and square.

He just suffered an accident in the road section between SS18 and SS19, where he crashed head-on with another car (everybody is ok), and had to retire. The team will try to fit the car so he can drive it to the ceremonial acts at the end of the rally. It would be a pity if he could not be with his car in the party:disappointed:
Loeb has just finished his career as a full-time rally driver (quite possibly the greatest ever) with a victory, appropriately enough! Hopefully he will now attempt other disciplines, such as Le Mans. I would LOVE to see him teamed with Kristensen @ Audi. What a pairing that would be!
Autosport says that Loeb will be competing in 4 WRC events next year including, not surprisingly, Monte Carlo and France.:cheer:

It will be fascinating to see where he winds up in the season standings if he wins all 4 races!
I wonder if the championship devalued next year in some peoples eyes. They may see it as a best-of-the-rest season in which Loeb would have won comfortably if he had entered, especially if he does well in those 4 races. Of course I know very little about WRC so pay no attention to me haha!
It WILL be embarrassing if he winds up with more wins than the series champion next season (assuming Loeb's 4 wins won't make HIM the champ).
On Autosport, one of the drivers is quoted as saying that Loeb's leaving is "fantastic" for the sport because now there will be lots of drivers vying for victories. That just shows how dominant Loeb has been, to the point that his competitors realized that they offered no real competition!
When I glanced at the heading of this article I thought it was one of those prediction threads saying that Sebastian Vettel would become 8 times world champion and I thought God I hope not....

But well done to Loeb not a bad effort....
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