Renault to continue in F1


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Renault have announced that they will continue running an F1 team, having considered pulling out after the recent "Crashgate" controversy.

It would appear the lenient adjudication by the WMSC has had the desired effect.

"Renault F1 and its parent company have given serious consideration as to whether it should remain in the sport following the prejudice caused to its corporate image by the conspiracy, in addition to the existing background of financial pressures that have caused car manufacturers to withdraw.

"But it has concluded that it would like to remain in Formula One and continue to make an important contribution to the sport."
Or, as consiracy theorists might say, unless their continued involvement was part of a plea bargain to avoid a punitive monetary fine.

Well, someone had to say it! :goodday:
A lot of people have said it frog.

As I posted in the other thread, there was obviously a lot of negotiation before the trial and a deal was done.
Ben Sulayem, the Vice President for sport at the FIA even said as much.

It would serve the FIA right though if Renault did decide to leave anyway.
"It would serve the FIA right though if Renault did decide to leave anyway."

I'm sticking pins in a waxwork Renault 5 already.

Not exactly a shock though was it. The big wheel keeps on turning and all that.
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