Technical Regulation changes

The most shocking thing for me reading that is that I actually agree with most of them. Been a long time since that happened.
Ross Brawn had bugger all to do with em. There all ideas that have been suggested many times before but never actioned.
Is it just a coincidence that it happens just after that nice Mr Ecclestone was shown the door (but not a revolving one fortunately).

But they still need to do something about those phenomenally expensive front wings.
OK. Fine. By that logic I put a pizza in the oven last night and people loved it. Therefore I invented pizza and should be praised for it everytime someone enjoys one ;)
I'm being far from serious with my Brawn-adulation remarks. Just joshing to get a reaction - it worked heheh. Back to the regs update, they seem sensible, nice to see. The Ecclestone era was continually dogged by vagueness and double-talk from the mischievous imp, which clouded the detail, and produced occasional stupidity. The new bosses aren't bogged down by such pettiness and I applaud it, so far it seems to result in some much needed clarity.
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