Red Bull RB5

Has anyone worked out/found out what the "dangly" thing is under the front suspension on the front of the RB5 yet? If you take a look at picture 11 on the attached link you can clearly see it.

It will be interesting to see if the Torro Rosso has the same part fitted.

There is also a picture which shows the front end of the Renault from top down angle, tt has to be the ugliest car so far.
The Red Bull seems to be the thinnest, pointiest new car. The Renault seems to be the chunkiest new design.

I suspect that one of them has gone in the wrong direction. Perhaps both have deviated from the best shape?

I don't like the Red Bull as much as everyone else on the interweb is saying they do. It looks a bit weirder than the other cars to me.
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