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Not surprisingly Red Bull tied up the Constructors Title at today's race in Korea. Two in a row for the team just like their No.1 driver. The brilliant racing car designing mind of Adrian Newey and the team he leads have produced a car which has taken McLaren 15 races to catch up with. One wonders whether they will be able to produce a car which will be the class of the field in 2012 with the new rules changes.

Not bad for a fizzy drinks company.
Congratulations Red Bull Racing.

They've done the double double, which is an impressive feat these days.

If they go on to do the triple triple next year, I'm switching to a different series :D
Congratulations indeed - however you do have to wonder whether the next best car could have done better with "fizzy drinks" rather than Johnny Walker
Yes congratulations to RBR and in particular Adrian Newey. How many WCC cars has he designed now?


Williams - 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997
McLaren - 1998
Red Bull - 2010, 2011

A fabulous season all round, everyone involved deserves huge credit.
Well done Red Bull. As so many of the worlds car makers have discovered (Toyota, Honda, BMW and Mercedes to name a few) having control of a team, money and top class facilities is one thing but they are nothing without putting it in the hands of a world class designer and his team. Congratulations must go to Adrian Newey.

Given that 2012 will see some tweeks but no major overhaul of the rules, you've got to make Red Bull odds on to do it again.
Neweys words on 2012 car. “I think fundamentally there’s no point in doing something new if it’s not better [but] our approach is certainly not complacency, so we’re not thinking: ‘we don’t have to do anything, we’ll still be quick enough next year.’ That would be enormous folly. We’re working away trying to deal with the regulation changes. The restriction on the exhaust exit position is actually a very big change; it goes through the car. Other than that, the regulation changes are significant but not huge. So, in that sense, the car will be an evolution, it will bear a family resemblance to the RB5, RB6, RB7 lineage.
If they go on to do the triple triple next year, I'm switching to a different series :D

I thought we were all doing that anyway, what the opposition to the Sky deal and all :D

Oh and congrats to Newey, what a brilliant mind he has.
Sorry, but did Rob Marshall not get the credits as chief designer at red bull???

Certainly Rob deserves a huge amount of credit (the whole design team do) but there's no doubt that whatever his job title*, Adrian has a huge amount of input into the car's design.

*he's actually the Chief Technical Officer, I believe
Sorry, just me being a bit of a smart arse. It is fairly safe to assume that the team would be less complete without the newey factor.
Who was Newey's "partner in crime" at Williams? Was it Frank Derney?

Frank Dernie - at Williams - was mainly Mansell/Piquet era. Mainly 1980s ... and working along side Patrick Head. Dernie wasn't really around at Williams when Newey was around. Both were one replaced the other effectively.

I think Newey's main "partner in crime" at Williams was his Technical Director Patrick Head himself.
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