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As I mention in chat there is a rumour that Force India and Red Bull could swop engines for next season. This orginates from German newspaper TZ and has been reported here on

Not sure how reliable TZ is as a source but the suggestion is that FI are behind on payments to Merc for their motors and, as has been reported in the past, Red Bull would either like Renault to be able to get more power from their engine or swap to a more powerful lump.
As far as I am aware, McLaren still have a veto over who Mercedes can supply with engines so I can't see them agreeing to their biggest rival getting the same unit.
tooncheesef1 said:
they uses the veto to stop rbr this year. Also who knwos when the engine freeeze is lifted?

Thats not to say they can't veto them again next year
An article on SpeedTV has rubbished the claims.

FI signed up with Mercedes until 2012, with Norbert Haug also stating that they do have an exclusive contract with McLaren.

He also states that he would have worked with RedBull this year, but fully understands McLaren vetoing them.
Wouldn't a Merc engine mean the RBR car would have similar characteristics as the McLaren therefore RBR would lose the benefit it has with the Renault engine on the tight twisty circuits?

Just with that Tilke bloke and all his circuit's seem to have nothing like the Spa & Monza, wouldn't it be better to stay with Renault?
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