Reappearing Alerts

Hm...I got that too a fair few times, mainly when Ray posted, I think it might have to do with people editing their posts?
No, alerts aren't triggered for edited posts.

Can't say I've ever had more than one alert for the same action.

Can you take a screenshot of your recent alerts and show me which ones you think are duplicated?
They don't reappear on the list. But the little red icon pops up again and it's the same change to the thread as before. It happend on the Indian P/Q/R discussion when FB and GermanF1 were talking about dust and smog.
Hm....I used to get Ray's posts late, he would post them, and sometimes they would come up in alerts 30 minutes later again.
Just happened to me too. I thought it had happened before but thought that was just me imagining things:

My PC is not co-operating re. taking screenshots. Copied and pasted from alerts list: Alert no.2 is a repeat of alert no.4

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That'll teach me to read stuff properly. I'm tired and having just read your post in this thread when I followed the later alert and just glanced at it so it looked like the same post and I thought ... wha' TF?:embarrassed: :givemestrength:. I'll go back and read it now. Doh!
Yeah, I think I've already stoved my forehead in over that one. In fact, it's woken me up.

I wonder if the phenomenon Sly is experiencing is due to using the "back" button from time to time instead of going to a tab?
Nah Fenders, i haven't had the problem in a while, like I said it was when Ray posted I would see his posts, then 10-30mins letter get another alert saying new post from Ray when it's the exact same post! (could be because of the different time zones, i have one of my own :snigger: ) don't use the back button, I click on the trusted refresh option :)
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