Racing Legends


Race Winner
Documentary series on BBC2
! of 3 starting on Thursday 27th Dec at 8pm, celebrity car enthusiasts pay tribute to British driving greats and re enact one of their famous races, beginning with actor Patrick Stewart who tells the story of Stirling Moss's glittering race career from Florence to Silverstone.
The second programme is on the following night, Fri 28th same time. 'Top Chef James Martin...self confessed petrol head, tells a tale of triumph & tragedy as he joins Sir Jackie Stewart on an incredible journey through the legends life.'
The third in the series, Olympic multi Gold medal winning cyclist Chris Hoy pays tribute to Colin McRae the Scottish rally driver who died in 2007, and takes on a stage of the RAC Rally where he clinched the 1995 World Championship. I don't know when this is on...I can't find a listing.
F1ang-o....You guys and gals across the big pond, don't have any idea how lucky that you are to be able and watch those historical documentaries. Over here in the Colonies it's only NASCAR, NASCAR, :censored: NASCAR...>:(
Yesterday's programme on Sir Stirling Moss was brilliant and how the man was deprived of more glory still at his peak.

The man had such integrity and honour on the race track and also felt the way Enzo treated him when in talks about a possible Ferrari drive was disgraceful - making Moss decide he would never drive for Ferrari and beat them with British cars except for when he had a chance to drive for Mercedes
I agree Clark would have been the choice if it was F! Legends...but it iwas Racing Legends & from the two programmes shown, it is about celebrities who became interested in motorsport when they were young......... & who they followed/hero worshipped?
Seeing 'Star Trek' Patrick Stewart learning about understeer & then driving a Vanwall...was great....he was sooooo excited.
And fellow Dyslexics......Top chef/TV presenter James Martin & Sir Jackie Stewart together & then James learning how to get the most out of a Toleman and his elation when he was able to better his time, was good to share..
I'm sorry you are not able to watch...I forget that some who read this are not in the UK....I wished I could have provided vids for me on occasions when I have been struggling to make a point....(Many thanks again..:chuffed:LOL )
I don't know if this link is of any use..
The third programme in the series Colin McRae with Sir Chris Hoy has been pulled at the moment.....why...:dunno:?
a bit perplexed about where is part 3 of Racing Legends unless it is BBC Scotland only

Has anyone caught up with celebrity mastermind over this Christmas I thought I read somewhere one of the celebrities preferred subject was Ayrton Senna
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