Queensferry Crossing, HMS Queen Elizabeth and all things Royal Navy

A view of Portsmouth from the Isle of Wight. To the left, in the dockyard, you can see one of the new aircraft carriers, in the middle is the Spinnaker Tower, centre piece of Portsmouth's Millennium celebrations (completed 2005!), and up on top of the hills (not easy to see) are the fortresses built to protect Portsmouth from land invasion called Palmerston's folly (Palmerston's Folly - The Story of Portsmouth's Forts - Hampshire Genealogical Society), although the white buildings far left are part of BAE systems, and bit more modern than its Napoleonic counterparts.

Should you ever find yourself on the south coast do pay a visit to the city as the history in and around the tiny island of Portsea is incredible.

The Seafire could land and take off on smaller carriers than them without arrester wires or catapualts, so a Spitfire in harbour should have no problems landing.
It's a very ugly ship.
They all are these days. That's the radar signature reduction design.

I'd not like to serve on one of them due to the lack of an all around upper deck. There isn't the space to go for a jog.
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