Prost to replace Briatore at Renault


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There are rumours all over the place that Alain Prost is being lined up to take Flabio's position at Renault, either that or the little man is trying to manipulate the media into believeing it is done deal and force Renault into giving him the job.

Not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. Prost cars didn't exactly set the world alight but then his budget was fairly limited. He has a history with Renault but left under a cloud (there are rumours he was having an affair with one of the senior managers wives). So, will the ultimate French driver make a good job of running the ultimate French team?
cider_and_toast said:

I'd have to agree.
Being a driver and running a team are 2 completely different things and Alain Prost hasn't exactly shone in the past when it comes to the latter.

Renault would be better off ditching the nationalist angle that seems to be rumoured at the moment when it comes to drivers and team principals and just get the best men for the job.
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